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Fast, Hot and Cheap (Stir-fry)

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  • Fast, Hot and Cheap (Stir-fry)

    Ok, so this super easy/generally cheap to make. You can even make it in a single pan! I eat it probably once or twice a week.

    The vegetables:

    in a deep skillet or pan:
    -your favorite primal frying fat
    -your choice of carrots, beets, broccoli, celery, whatever

    fry these until softened, then add
    -half-cup of broth or water

    Then add:
    -sturdy cooking greens (spinach, collards, kale, etc)

    and simmer until softened. Add soy sauce.

    As far as spices go, soy sauce and hot sauce (Thai style chili sauce like Sriracha is the best) are standard. You can get fancy and put sesame oil, Thai fish sauce, ginger powder, green onions (onion tops too), rice vinegar and sesame seeds in it.

    Meanwhile: Find some meat in the fridge. If it's poultry or fish, cut it up and put it in with the vegetables. Beef I prefer seared, then sliced in with the veggies after cooking. Mix it all up and put hot sauce on it.

    Get creative, don't think you can't make this if you don't have an ingredient. You can clean out the fridge and get a hot meal out of it. Its also good if there are oldish things being included. All the stuff gets cooked pretty hard and then you put hot sauce on it.