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  • Soy-Free Protein powders

    Im working on recipes for energy bars for backpacking trips, and I like to add protein powder to them to up the protein levels. Could someone suggest a powder that contains no soy lechtin?
    I saw some hemp protein powder today, but wasnt sure if that was an acceptable type to use under this diet. any recommendations?

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    Why not whey protein?
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      Pure whey, ftw.


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        Whey would be fine, but every one I looked at contains soy lechtin. along with that, I cant afford paying 480 for a can of it. Worse comes to worse, I'll skip it.


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          What is lechtin? Do you mean lectin or lecithin? They are very different things. First one is bad, second one haven't heard it is. I think its the latter thats in the protein powders.


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            Probably didnt spell it correctly.


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              I searched long and hard for just such a thing, for just such a purpose, and found it, surprisingly enough, at The Vitamin Shoppe. It's called Solgar, and it contains only WPI and vanilla. It's rather tasty mixed up with whole milk as a shake, but also I use it in nut-based energy bars, to very good effect.