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Flour Free Rue?

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  • Flour Free Rue?

    I made a pretty mean Duck and Shrimp Gumbo (even if I stole the recipe from John Besh) before going Primal. While all the ingredients of the gumbo are fine, one uses flour in making the rue. Anyone made a rue using coconut flour or any other ideas for the dish?

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    You can make a roux using potato or sweet potato flour (or even arrowroot). Coconut should work too but it will taste quite different, as toasted coconut tends to.

    I see no reason why a nut flour wouldn't work, but I haven't tried it.
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      or xantham gum?
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        Towards the end of cooking, peel and grate in a raw potato and let simmer for half an hour or so. It will thicken right up.


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          Cornstarch. Not exactly primal but its low in carb and to make a roux you need less cornstarch than it would take if you used flour. Cornstarch is also 7g of carbs per serving. I use it as a thickener all the time.


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            I make a roux for my étouffée about once a week. I always use whatever gluten-free flour mix I have on hand, which is usually something from Bob's Mill. I think the primary ingredient is rice flour, and there's also some corn flour in there. Anyway, I couldn't care less about the carb count...I'm only using around 4 Tbsp of flour anyway. The étouffée always comes out awesome, so I'm happy.

            Oh yeah, I should mention that I serve my étouffée over plenty of white rice.


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              I just made some Swedish Meatballs today, and to thicken the sauce I used arrowroot powder. It got nice and thick! Used it just like flour - stirred into the pan drippings, cooked up a bit, then added the liquids and simmered until thick and bubbly.