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  • home made, or...?

    I made a batch of pemmican yesterday. 3 lbs beef, 1 c raisins (blueberries are so expensive right now), 1/2 c. almonds, ground. 2.5 c lard. some salt.

    I have to say, it smells awful during prep. The dried meat in the blender smells like Alpo. The fruit & salt balances it out, at least.

    I don't know if I did something wrong. From reading online I thought it would form in to neat bars or balls for transportation. It firms up nicely in the fridge, but at room temperature it turns in to a greasy crumbly mess. Similar to the consistency of raw oatmeal cookie dough, but greasier and much gamier. Perhaps the nuts & raisins did not grind up enough, giving it too much granularity. Is this stuff best transported in a tub or tin? Eaten with a spoon?

    Each 45 gram golf-ball size lump came out to: (via Myplate)

    Calories 375
    Calories from Fat 262.3
    Total Fat 29.14g
    Total Carbohydrate 7.36g
    Sugars 6.58g
    Protein 19.31g

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    I used Grandpappy's Grandpappy's Basic Recipes - Pemmican Recipe - by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. more or less. Used Goya lard instead of bear fat. Raisins instead of blueberries.


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      How was the taste?
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        I've made pemmican as well and I hear ya on the alpo thing. When I did it I spiced it heavily with habanero powder and that helped a lot. I found it way too fatty and I've gone back to just making jerky now. I still have quite a bit of pemmican left and it would be great if I were on the move and I had nothing else to eat but I eat jerky all the time.


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          Wow, apparently Atlanta is going to become the pemmican capitol of the world.

          I need to get on making some more.
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            Looks like not enough lard to me, or too many supplemental ingredients. I make pemmican on a regular basis but keep it simple like Lex does. Unfortunately it is an aquired taste
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              The Goya lard was probably hydrogenated. I don't have any useful suggestions here, but I'd probably steer clear of that.


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                I tried it while camping this weekend....and while it's not inedible, it's certainly not enjoyable. If I were flying across the Andes with a rugby team, maybe. But in the mean time I would rather eat the equivalent nutrient balance in the form of jerky, trail mix, hard salami, etc.

                For one, it was gritty. The recipe insisted on adding the salt after it was dried and ground. I think if it was infused with salt or flavoring before drying (a la jerky) it would be more permeated. The lard does not provide a pleasant mouthfeel either. I read on here that someone made it with coconut oil, which might go OK with the fruit & nuts. It's certainly easier to eat straight than lard is.

                It would be neat to experiment, but being mostly meat, it can get expensive if not successful. I know which jerky & trail mix recipes I like, so I'll probably stick with that for this hiking season.


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                  Yeah, it's definitely something you have to get used to.
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