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So...Coconut Sugar?

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  • So...Coconut Sugar?

    So after sucessfully finding the coconut oil and flour, as well as some random grocery shopping I spent sometime looking throught the natural/organic section of the store and came across coconut sugar. It's made from the sap and low on the glycemic index. Anyone know anything about it?

    I've never seen it before, and I'm wondering if it could replace something like Stevia (which I hate the flavor of) in certain baking recipies. I don't want to throw us off the wagon in our first few weeks going overboard with treats...but eventually we'll want some sort of fun primal reward so we don't go crazy.

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    I'm curious about that too. Have half a bag left over after I made some christmas cookies this past holiday.


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      We sell it at the store I work at. I'm intrigued by it too. I love stevia but I wouldn't mind something different once in awhile.
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        I'm curious about it and coconut syrup
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          I use coconut nectar in place of agave nectar or honey in small amounts in recipes. It's lower in fructose and lower GI. But it's still a sugar. Stevia (which I think is gross as well) isn't a sugar, so in the case of wanting a no sugar treat, no, it can't replace it. But in terms of small amounts now and then or the rare treat I think it's not that bad. I use about a tablespoon of it in the almond meal bread I make, which spread out over about a week is next to nothing. And I used it to make a carrot cake for my boyfriend's birthday a few months ago. But other than that, well, it's still sugar.
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            Are you talking about Coconut Palm Sugar? I bought and used a bag of it once (mostly for baking). It adds a sort of brown sugar flavor to baked stuff.
            However, it is *mostly* fructose (hence the low GI) which, IMO, is worse for you than just plain ol' sugar (equal amounts of glucose and fructose).
            If you haven't yet, watch this as it will help explain why fructose sucks the big dong of death, or what have you.
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