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2cnd time sauerkraut!

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  • 2cnd time sauerkraut!

    Well, ' I've just chopped 5 lbs of cabbage and carrots, put them in the crock with salt and caraway and juniper - like last time - pounded them till the juice ran - and added the remaining juice from the last lot.

    And now - I am TERRIFIED that it will go wrong! The last lot was perfect - no mould, no white bits, no slime.

    Why should I worry? Will it not improve the way my sourdough bread did (yes, I still make sourdough - no, don't eat it!!)

    Will it jump start??!!

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    Well, I've bottled it up - and I'm disappointed. Doesn't taste near as good as the last lot. I think I under did the salt? It fermented - lots of little bubbles etc for days - but the tang is not the same. Also, there is not enough brine to cover the kraut in the jars, so I've made a salt brine and when it cools I'll top the bottles up with that. Will it increase the tang at that stage or do I need to make some more sauerkraut?

    I shall eat it - I assume that, as it has fermented, it will have the same mix of good probiotics as the 1st lot? And it is crunchy....

    I'll write this one down to experience (or lack of it!!) and use more salt next time.


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      In case anyone was following this - the salt brine made the sauerkraut ACE. It is delicious, crisp and more-ish.


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        My roommate is trying to get his grandfather's crock so we can start making sauerkraut and kim chee. Can't wait. I'll have lots of questions for you then. Glad to hear that the second batch got better.
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          My husband and I usually just make sauerkraut in wide-mouth mason jars, about a jar at a time. We've got a gallon fermenter (large jar with an airlock lid) but we don't eat it fast enough.

          Every batch will be a little bit different. Time and temperature can make a big difference when fermenting. I've found a longer ferment at a cooler temperature makes a tangier kraut than a faster one at a higher temperature.


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            What's your recipe / technique Breadsauce?


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              Northern Monkey Girl,

              I basically used this method

              Wild Fermentation :: Making Sauerkraut is Easy!

              but with the alterations that it was 4lb cabbage, coarsley shredded, 1lb grated carrot, large teaspoon caraway seeds and about 20 juniper berries. The lot went into a big crock (from Age Concern!!) with a saucer over the top, face down, to hold the cabbage etc under the brine which comes off the cabbage, weighted down by putting a glass jar of water on the saucer. I put a polythene freezer bag over the crock for the 1st 3 days, held in place with a big elastic band and check it each day ready to remove any mould that formed - thankfully, none did.

              After 3 days,, when it was fermenting well, I replaced the polythene with cheesecloth, also held in place with elastic band. I get a really irrational pleasure from pressing on the glass jar, through the covering, and hearing the gurgling noises as the gasses which accumulate under the saucer burble out!!!

              So far I have left them about 10 days, then bottle up and cover to put in the fridge, where the jars keep well for a month or more. (Don't know if they'd keep longer - they are eaten by then).


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                I finally started today, and I'm irrationally excited about it. My roommate started a batch with red and green cabbage, carrots and celery seeds in a big crock, covered with sackcloth. I made a small batch of green cabbage in a 25 oz glass jar and then had to find something to weight the cabbage with that would fit in the mouth of said jar...kind of a challenge at 11:30. Ended up covering it with the lid (not actually screwed on) and a dishcloth. So my tip is use a jar with a really wide mouth.

                This is a strange project for the least patient person who ever walked the face of the earth. I want to run into the kitchen and check if it's fermenting already. Maybe I will use this project as an opportunity to learn patience.
                Il faut vivre et non pas seulement exister.


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                  Good luck with it! I love the idea of celery seeds - I must buy some! My fridge is overflowing with jars of sauerkraut at the minute but I am dying to make some more with different falvours!


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                    Inspired to make some,my gran used to make a load when I was a kid.