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Silly bacon question

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  • Silly bacon question

    As much as I love bacon, I have a batch of cheaper stuff that's waaay too salty.

    Can I soak it to get out some of the salt? Like you'd do with a ham.

    If so, would it then go off quickly?

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    Years ago when I lived in Indiana, I couldn't find side pork ANYWHERE. I had to get salt pork, and soak the salt out. It helped somewhat. I certainly didn't have to season it. I just soaked it in water and changed it a couple times. Can't remember how long I soaked it for. A good while.

    Better off buying the good stuff next time.


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      Where does one buy silly bacon???.....Oh, never mind.

      I would guess that bacon having a lot of surface area would let the salt go pretty easily. This is a good idea, I'll try it next time. Possibly soak overnight in the fridge, temperature shouldn't matter much for the migration to take place. After all, they put it in in somewhat the same fashion. What goes in must/should come out?

      Funny that you should bring up this matter of sodium in bacon. At the store, I picked up some Hormel Low Sodium, hmmm, 230 mg per serving. Their conentional, 270 mg. Wowser, a whole .04 grams per serving! Alert the media! Then I looked at another brand, not low sodium, "only" 210 mg.

      Caveat Emptor!