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Sherry, nut and chocolate mousse!

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  • Sherry, nut and chocolate mousse!

    This is a recipe my mum uses for special occasions (I'll ask for it for my b-day!) and it's actually pretty Primal - except for perhaps the sherry... I guess you could leave it out though (or make it the 20 of the 80/20-rule )

    But here goes! What you need is:

    4 eggs
    4 tbsp sweetener (stevia would do!)
    5 oz sherry
    6 sheets of gelatine
    3.5 oz chopped almonds (or any nut; hazel, walnut - or mix them!)
    3.5 oz roughly chopped dark chocolate
    2 cups heavy cream
    For decoration: Whipped cream and chocolate crumble

    Mix egg yolks and sweetener, add nuts and chocolate. Beat egg whites until stiff, and whip the heavy cream. (Do not mix yet!)
    Prepare the gelatine in water for about 5 minutes, and melt in about half of the sherry. When completely dissolved, mix with the rest of the sherry to cool it down a little. Pour the sherry+gelatine in the egg yolk mix, and then carefully mix in the egg whites and whipped cream. Let it set in a bowl in the fridge.

    Decorate with whipped cream and chocolate and nuts and desired.
    It's yummy! But some coconut wouldn't hurt at all!