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Frog legs?

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  • Frog legs?

    Does anyone have a recipe for frog legs they'd like to share? Everything I keep turning up online involves flour. I had them in a French restaurant years ago sauteed in white wine and butter, IIRC. I would imagine I could do a sort of scampi with them, but if anyone has one they'd like to share I'd be much appreciative.
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    I was afraid frog legs weren't high on anyone's list of favorites. I experimented and came up with a recipe and OMFG they were good. I'm going to try this with catfish next. I've been craving catfish. This would likely be tasty on chicken as well.

    - Pork rinds ground into crumbs
    - Fresh ground pepper
    - Garlic powder
    - Parsley flakes
    - Lemon zest
    - Two eggs, beaten
    - 4 pairs of frog legs
    - Butter

    Melt butter on medium heat. Mix everything but the last three ingredients. I don't measure so mix according to taste. Coat the frog legs in the egg then dredge in the breading*. Saute in butter until the breading is crispy, turning half way. Inhale.

    *The breading didn't perfectly coat the frog legs but it wasn't an issue. You could probably add coconut flour if you wanted.
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      I've had them before, haven't cooked them myself though. But what I had was them simply roasted, nothing fancy on them at all, just with some garlic and oil I believe.


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        i like frog legs but i've never cooked them myself. The best way i ever had them in a restaurant was broiled. They tasted like chicken yet still somewhat aquatic. The only other way i've had them is fried & then they really just taste like chicken.

        Husband won't eat them so i don't think i'll ever be cooking them, fried or broiled!