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Just gutted a fish for the 1st time!

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  • Just gutted a fish for the 1st time!

    So this might not seem like a big deal to some people, but I've never done it before and I didn't know what to expect inside... It was quite grim and I had to start by handling the fish with plastic tongs, but I eventually got stuck in with a knife and tea spoon and cleaned it right out. I then cut off the head, and the fish seemed to freak me out a little less. It's now in the oven, stuffed with lemon, drizzled with olive oil and warpped in tin foil (180 degrees celcius for 20 mins). I feel more primal now and one step closer to going fishing.

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    Next: fileting.
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      Oooh, it reminds me of my childhood! Whenever my brother, father and I would go fishing, we had a lot of gutting to do when we got home ^^
      It's actually quite fun, and now that I think of it, it's been years since I've done it!

      But yeah, catching your own food makes you feel awesome


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        Yup that was the first thing I learned to clean when I was a kid. Even now when I clean fish it reminds me of those summer days.


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          I had my first scaling & gutting experience last week. Maybe we should form a club?

          The instructions from the fishmonger:
          1) use scissors to cut off the fins
          2) go outside, hold the fish by the tail, and scrape from tail to head with a knife to remove the scales
          3) cut off the head
          4) the guts will all come out with the head

          #4 turned out to be true. The cavity was just behind the head; remove the head, and everything just falls out. Then I rinsed it inside and out, added parsley and butter and baked it in foil. The only annoying part was the scales, which I had to brush out of my hair afterwards.


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            Way to go!!! Last year at camp I tought a bunch of boys how to clean their first fish (yes I am that mom that can gut a fish).
            For the fishing merit badge they must catch, clean, cook & eat a fish!!!

            We had a girl fish first. the boys had never seen roe. My favorite was one of the boys popped an eyeball out and asked if it was okay to eat it. He was trying to gross me out. I said, "sure but it may taste a little wierd". He chewed it up and then promptly threw up.

            USE the sharppest knife you have on hand. Other than that, Hilary's instructions above are perfect
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              Originally posted by jmday View Post
              He chewed it up and then promptly threw up.
              HAH hahahahaha
              carl's cave


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                Hilary- Scales are so irritating! Those little buggers stick to EVERYTHING. We always had to rinse off with the garden hose- lol. When we cleaned fish we left the fins on, cut from the butt to the head, then lopped off the head... except when cleaning bullhead. I only caught one of those. Dad had to nail it to a board and SKIN it. That was a little shocking.

                LMAO Julia! That is too funny! Reminds me of when my ex's boy decided to re-enact a scene from Ice Age. "Oh look, a dandelion! Must be the last one of the season!" Before I could say NO! Stop! he gobbled it, and promptly spat it out and gagged. Poor boy. The kiddos loved dandelion fritters. I should have explained to him they only taste good after you cook them. Whoops!


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                  Maybe this could help

                  YouTube - HOW TO CLEAN A PERCH IN 10 SECONDS!!!!! INCREDIBLE VIDEO!!!!

                  Although sometimes I prefer to cook them whole (except for scales and innards of course)