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Ok, I'm FINALLY getting a vita-mix. Hit me up with favorite shakes recipes?

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  • Ok, I'm FINALLY getting a vita-mix. Hit me up with favorite shakes recipes?

    As the title says, I'm finally getting a vita-mix, been waiting to get one for a while, and I love shakes a lot. So...give me your favorite blending combinations.

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    coconut milk, frozen cherries, a twist of Torani's sugar free chocolate syrup. IT'S LIKE CHERRY GARCIA, DUDE!
    --Trish (Bork)


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      Vita-Mix rocks. One of my favs is frozen organic stawberries and a few ice cubes. Depending how naturally sweet the berries are I will toss in a couple packs of splenda if needed or half a frozen banana


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        I love my vitamix! My current favorite is just coconut milk and frozen blueberries. I also love spinach, kale, half a pear, a couple of grapes, and ice.

        It's also great for soups. I like to roast cauliflower then vitamix it with chicken stock, garlic and onion....makes a great "cream" soup base
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          I only just purchased one too!! It's my fave kitchen gadget EVER!! I love using coconut milk/frozen banana/spinach leaves/flaxseeds with a bit of cold water or coconut water to thin it out


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            I like mine but wish I could get a much smaller container for lots of jobs. I do a lot of soup puree.
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              My usual morning drink is coconut milk + peach + pineapple + strawberry + banana (or any combination thereof).
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                I've had my Vita-mix for almost 15 years and it's still going strong, you're going to love it! That said, I'm having to re-learn what to do with mine. I used to use way too much fruit and add honey to most things. Never considered green smoothies so I'm in all new territory but it's a fun trip.


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                  I usually have two parts vegetable, one part fruit, and a shot of protein powder.
                  Add enough water to reduce the pulp consistency.
                  For a creamier consistency, i highly recommend almond milk (or rice or soy milk).

                  The veggies are usually 1/2 green (e.g., bunch of kale or chard or spinach) and 1/2 sweet (e.g,. beet or carrot)
                  For the fruit, mango or strawberries is my favorite
                  I use "energizer" rice protein or "amazing grass" powder


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                    Spinach, celery,garlic, carrot, strawberries, Costco triple berry mix, banana, apple, flax seed, chia seeds, handful of nuts sometimes an egg or piece of cooked chicken.

                    Start with 60% fruit 40% veggies. Increase veggies as you get used to taste.


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                      How about some Vitamix Soup instead (it cooks, you know)?

                      Tomato, Onion, Cheese Soup

                      2 tomatoes
                      1/4 to 1/2 medium onion
                      1/2 pound sharp cheddar cheese
                      1 tablespoon tomato paste
                      2 to 4 chicken bullion cubes
                      2 cups boiling water

                      Combine all ingredients except the boiling water in the mixer. Turn speed to HIGH and run for about
                      60 seconds. Turn the control to LOW and pour in 2 cups boiling water.
                      Should be done instantly.
                      Makes 6 servings

                      Here is a shake recipe from my old VitaMix cookbook:

                      Chocolate Breakfast Shake
                      1/2 cup milk (or substitute mostly coconut milk plus 2 T cream)
                      1/4 cup Ricotta cheese
                      1 tablespoon cocoa powder
                      dash cinnamon
                      1 cup ice cubes

                      Process on HIGH about 60 to 90 seconds.
                      Dispense from spigot into glass.
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                        I adore my vita mix. It also makes the best mayo ever. Then add some anchovies and vinegar and you've got caesar dressing.


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                          Here are two I might try (one day).

                          Raisin Cheese Fudge

                          1 cup cheddar cheese
                          1/2 cup walnuts
                          1 cup raisins

                          Place in VitaMix and turn speed to MEDIUM.
                          Chop by reversing blades every 2 seconds
                          until well-blended. Line a dish with waxed paper
                          and press the mixture into it. Refrigerate until served.
                          Fried Chicken Coating

                          1 package, dry Italian seasoning mix
                          3 cups coconut flour/almond flour/whatever

                          1/3 of this mix will coat a 3 lb. chicken