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Lamb chops with blueberry cream sauce

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  • Lamb chops with blueberry cream sauce

    Made this for lunch today and couldn't believe how great it turned out. I really, really recommend it.

    2 6oz lamb loin chops
    2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
    3 tbsp fruit vinegar (I used fig and lemon - the original recipe called for blueberry, but I think the fig and lemon added wonderful flavour)
    1/2 c chicken broth
    1/4 c coconut milk (the original recipe called for 1/2 cup heavy cream, so leave out 1/4 c of the water if you want to use that)
    1/2 c water
    1/2 c fresh blueberries or thawed frozen blueberries

    (If your lamp chops have a lot of fat, you might have to drain the pan after most of it renders. Mine had about 1/4 c worth of fat come out of them, so I saved it in a jar for later.)

    Using a cast-iron skillet, brown the lamb chops on both sides for about 3 mins on medium heat, then set aside on a plate. Sautee the garlic for 30 seconds, then add the vinegar, chicken broth, water and coconut milk. Cook until it is reduced by half (I wasn't too strict about this part), then add the lamb chops and blueberries and cook until the lamb is done to your liking and the blueberries have broken down and the sauce is purple.

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    off to the store for lamb, stat. thank you so much for sharing.

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      Lamb isn't in our budget right now, but I'm thinking this would be amazing with pork, too. Also, I've never heard of using "fruit vinegar." I've only ever used rice, white, and apple. Since I've never tried lemon, fig, or blueberry vinegar, would apple cider vinegar work?


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        Sounds luscious; going to try this weekend.
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