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New To Primal: Kid-Friendly Snacks and Lunches?

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  • New To Primal: Kid-Friendly Snacks and Lunches?

    My husband has been trying to go primal for a while now and I'm about to take the plunge myself.

    My biggest questions is: How do I implement primal eating with my kids who take lunches to school and are used to a daily PB&J or an after school granola bar? What would be a complete lunch for one of our Little People?

    I just can't seem to get my brain to think primally as it pertains to the kids.

    Please help!

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    I have the same challenge and to further complicate things I have three kids with nut allergies.

    We do a lot of fruit, berries with homemade whipped cream (no sugar), apples, grapes, etc... Cheese is also a good snack that fills them up and they all enjoy, smoothies as well. I have one that will snack on raw veggies but the other two won't. For lunches we will do turkey roll-ups with cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumbers but there are days where we have to revert back to a good old sandwich. I figure that keeping them 75% primal on average for a week, and staying away from processed foods, that we are doing pretty good.


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      cold roasted chicken legs. Greek yogurt and fruit for dipping. Turkey and cheese roll ups. String cheese. Cold steamed broccoli/ red pepper strips/cucumber slices/carrots. Soup in a thermos.

      Snacks: trail mix with nuts and dried fruit. Veggies. fruit with peanut butter (like apples). Apples and cheese. Yogurt. Handful of nuts.

      We are gradually transitioning the family to more primal foods. I find that I need to plan ahead and have several easy grab options.


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        I took chicken breasts, cut them into chunks, and wrapped them in bacon. I also stuffed some of the chicken into pepperocini peppers and then wrapped those in bacon. He thought those were just ok (I preferred those, myself). I put them on a sheet pan and baked them at 375 for 30 minutes. My kid LOVED them. These would be easily reheated and wrapped in foil for lunches - I think my kid like them enough to eat them cold!!


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          If they like PB&J, send them with a PB&J Larabar occasionally. They taste just like the real thing, only they are made with fruit and nuts. Very tasty treat. Easiest thing to send, IMO, is fruit, veggies, cheese, and lunchmeat. Fruit, veggies, and cheese are staples in my toddler's diet. Send a piece of lettuce & they've got themselves a sandwich wrap
          When it comes to Primal eating, remember the KISS method-- keep it simple, sillyhead
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            Hard boiled eggs!!! I put these in my daughters lunch a lot. Also.....beef jerky, cut up veggies, and fruit. I still pack my daughter PB & J almost every day still though. My son likes rolled up ham.


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              Unfortunately my dd will barely eat any of that stuff She (like me) has a high metabolism, and if she doesn't like it she just won't eat, then will crash and get insane. I'm always desperate for ways to get something other than carbs into her.


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                Mine were, and still are very picky....but the more I put it in front of them, the more they are starting to eat them. The key I think it constant exposure, and slowly take away the other foods. Our house pretty much has Bread, Potatoe chips, granola bars, Peanut Butter, and Jelly. These are the only CW foods that I have in the house. The rest are pretty much primal, so if they want something, they have to choose veggie, or fruit, cheese, or meat, because the chips and granola bars, I don't let them have anytime they want. ......Oh, and we have noodles. Although, I don't make them very much at all. Maybe spaghetti once every few weeks, but pasta was a constant thing in our house before I started this. I mean noodles every night! I hope it gets easier for you.......hang in there.


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                  My son loves lunch meat roll ups, cheese sticks, yogurt and fruit in his lunch. He's 3 and loves the junk food but does fine without and doesn't complain that it's all gone!


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                    Chicken fingers (pork rind/almond flour crust)
                    Fish sticks (wrapped in prosciutto)
                    Chicken on the bone!!! (Roasted drumsticks)
                    Beef Jerky (they love it!)
                    PBJ banana (blob of almond butter, blob of homemade sugarless jam, and a banana to dip it all in. Heaven!!!)
                    Soups! My boys love soup for lunch.
                    cold chicken and veggies with homemade ranch dip
                    Sweet potato fries
                    Sweet potato/carrot/zuchini latkes
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                      Deli ham, spread with cream cheese - rolled up.


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                        Wonderful ideas friends! I'm trying to implement this way of life for not only for my husband but my children too!


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                          Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary

                          She posts pictures and details of her toddler's lunch boxes a lot, it might give you some ideas


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                            I love Primal Kitchen!

                            What you're gonna wanna do is this.

                            Stand up.
                            Make sure you're dressed.
                            Grab your wallet and keys.
                            Go to your local book store or library.
                            Get Everyday Paleo.
                            Read it THOROUGHLY.

                            It's amazing! It's even got a meal plan/grocery list for a month, as well as snacks & meals for kids to take to school. I just got my copy yesterday and can't say enough about it. Other than \o/ (throw my hands up with a big "WOOT!")
                            --Trish (Bork)
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                              don't forget about using a thermos. I send my kids chili, soups, even cut up sausages in a thermos. Whatever you kids like and can be adapted to your diet. I've found that when the other stuff isn't in the house the kids are way easier to feed the good stuff! They seem to figure it out, and out of sight out of mind...