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New To Primal: Kid-Friendly Snacks and Lunches?

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    Originally posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
    I love Primal Kitchen!

    What you're gonna wanna do is this.

    Stand up.
    Make sure you're dressed.
    Grab your wallet and keys.
    Go to your local book store or library.
    Get Everyday Paleo.
    Read it THOROUGHLY.

    It's amazing! It's even got a meal plan/grocery list for a month, as well as snacks & meals for kids to take to school. I just got my copy yesterday and can't say enough about it. Other than \o/ (throw my hands up with a big "WOOT!")
    I just looked up both of these books in my local library -- which, i might add, is the city library for the capitol city, and guess what? no dice!

    they have one paleo book, and it's currently "on the waiting list" (meaning it has a long waiting list). ONE. sad, really.


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      Originally posted by FamilyGrokumentarian View Post
      ...unless anybody has a microwave-friendly adult-sized lunchbox recommendation...?
      For soups & other liquid fare I use a large mason jar because I can bike to work with it and there is still no chance of it leaking. Otherwise I just use a pyrex dish with a snappable lid, but I wouldn't trust it with anything liquidy at all.

      If he has access to a sink he could keep a plate at work.