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Cod's roe! Also, nettles!

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  • Cod's roe! Also, nettles!

    I - very hesitantly - bought some fresh from the fishmonger's, the smallest they had. It's about the least promising-looking thing I've ever bought... membranes and blood vessels and eewwww.

    The fishmonger said just to flour it and fry it, so I just fried it. It tastes fantastic. Way, way better than the roe we got as a cheap way to eke out the fish'n'chips when I was little. Wow. Also, it's beautifully rich and filling. This morning I ate scrambled eggs and cod's roe on a small mountain of salad leaves.

    I'm hoping to get some more tomorrow if it's still in season. Anyone got any good recipes/ combinations for it?

    And also - spring nettle season - hooray! Since I do no gardening at all, I have a huge supply of tender young leaves to add to smoothies, fry-ups etc. I like the taste better than spinach, it's free, it doesn't make my teeth feel furry like spinach does, and I seem to remember it's more nutritious.

    It also works nicely to convince people I'm quite mad when I tell them what I'm eating. Bacon, mushroom, nettle and broccoli in chicken stock, anyone?

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    Do you eat the nettles raw? I've had nettle cheese, which I quite liked.
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      They're OK once blended into a smoothie - that crushes the stinging spines. Presumably if you ate them raw without thoroughly blending, you'd get your throat stung, which would be in contravention of laws 9 and 10. They also cook like spinach.


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        Nettles and geese The Veg Patch


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          I cook nettles each spring - but I think raw would be truly painful! They cook down a lot, like spinach - make a great frittata, with lardons, onions, and some cheese on the top. Also an ace creamed soup - especially with watercress added.


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            Cod's roe update as I'm using it up... cooked slowly is better than cooked fast. (Alongside scrambled eggs worked better than alongside fried eggs.) Cooked fast it loses some flavour and gets a bit chewy.


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              I more or less accidentally bought a whole fish from the market today... I know, accidental fish-buying, could happen to anyone.

              I'd spent time choosing the fish, chatting to the fishmonger etc, so when I said 'Is it gutted?' and he said 'No, you do that' it felt a bit late to go back on the deal. So... I have scaled and gutted my first sea bream. Very glad he told me to scale it outdoors... and that husband told me to brush the fish scales out of my hair afterwards. Maybe the job would be better done when it's a bit less windy.

              Anyway... turned out my bream contained (along with a handful of squishy bits I really don't want to identify thankyouverymuch) roe. Saved this, dusted it in ground almonds, fried it slowly and gently for about 7 minutes in plenty of butter. Yum. Also, much Primal satisfaction