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My Google Docs Is Getting Nasty

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  • My Google Docs Is Getting Nasty

    I have so many dang primal/paleo recipes that it is becoming ridiculously hard to keep track of them all. Right now I have tons of labels and folders in my Google Docs that I manage everything with, but it's just not cutting it anymore.

    I've been trying all sorts of recipe software the past few days like Chicken Ping, Cookware Deluxe, Cuisine Deluxe, and Big Oven and they are all complete crap.

    Are there any good recipe managers for windows? I do not have a Mac so I can't use the amazing Mac Gourmet software, unfortunately.

    I know I havn't been around much the past few weeks, but please help me out!

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    I had a huge bookmarks folder that stored all my recipe clips on my browser.

    When it got too much, I tried out Mac Gourmet. It takes a bit of time to input the recipes into the correct format.

    Needless to say, I gave up after a while, and am very happy with Evernote at the moment. You can clip directly from your browser, images and all, and then save it to an application on your computer. It also syncs to smartphones and is stored in the cloud, so you never have to worry about your computer crashing and losing all the saved data.

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    Forgot to mention. You can organize by notebooks or tags, or do both. I just tag my recipes by ingredient and cooking method, and then search for them when I need something new to try.


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      I use sparkrecipies to store mine, I just enter all of the ingredients and save it to a book. Plus I get the nutrient break down.
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        There simply are things for which paper is better. I suggest printing them out if they're worthwhile, a 3 hole punch and 3 ring binder.
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          I WAS using Delic.ious because their tagging system helped me keep pretty good track of stuff (including my favorite "Untried" tag), but I have since switched to Evernote also, which also uses tags.

          It's got a couple additional things going for it - it can be accessed offline, which is always a big plus. AND it links info across computers and my ipod, so it doesn't matter if I'm at work at home when I find a great recipe, I can save it, and get to it when I'm at home. And I can pull it onto my iPod to refer to when at the grocery store.

          But I'm also with IvyBlue - when I find things that I know are going to be a family favorite then I print them off and add them to my own Primal Bookbook.
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            Originally posted by IvyBlue View Post
            There simply are things for which paper is better. I suggest printing them out if they're worthwhile, a 3 hole punch and 3 ring binder.
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              I guess it's just the nerd in me because I prefer being able to enter recipes on my computer and index them by ingredients or nutritional values and then display them on a laptop/tablet in the kitchen while I cook it.

              Paper is sooooooo 1999.


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                Originally posted by Rivvin View Post
                Paper is sooooooo 1999.

                I use the app Paprika on my iPad, which I know doesn't help you, but others might find it handy.

                Have you tried OneNote? Not sure if that's what you want either, but if you have the SkyDrive I know you can save all that to the "cloud" and access it from anywhere. I have only used OneNote sparingly, but I think it could do it. Might involve an assload of cutting and pasting though.

                This link kinda shows how it would be laid out:
                Perrys' Plate: Organizing Your Recipes Using Microsoft OneNote

                And you can share it with others as well, so you could even let us have it or exchange "books" with others and just import them into yours.
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                  I have an awesome 3 ring binder I keep mine in, but I think it is a great idea to have backup on the computer. I could see me accidentally setting fire to my beloved cookbook, and suddenly becoming lost.


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                    Check into using Zotero - it works as an extension of can copy/paste and link to websites/blogs/magazine articles ect on the web and you can link to PDFs/ebooks on your computer... I love it but I mostly used it for citing documents/pdfs/journals/ect...
                    its opensource too developed by george mason university...
                    you can also share it w/others...
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                      I use Evernote to track mine. So far so good!


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                        I use lots of subfolders in my Recipe folder on my pc; and the old three ring binder for ones I've tried. Also put a lot on Livestrong, which is both good and bad: good that you get the breakdown of cals, carbs, protein, et al; bad that you have to enter them.
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                          I copy and paste them into a PDF which is completely search-able.


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                            Works for me


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                              Maybe use googe sites and build a website just for you that you can load any and all kinds of documents including video onto. You can share that site and collaborate with others. It might make for a good project for several of the like minded PBers on here. Just a thought. I hear it's easy.

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