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  • NOM NOM NOM (new recipes I tried)

    I had an amazing food weekend with some new recipes I've found here and there, some of which I've tweaked a bit to add my own spin. They were so delish even my non-PB hubby loved them!

    For dinner I made:
    Bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with jalapenos and small amount of cream cheese
    Cheesy "hashbrowns" (cauliflower -- but NO CAULIFLOWER TASTE!!!!)**

    And for I snack, I made a jalapeno/egg/cheese dish that is a spicy, tasty bite. Just chop up a bunch of jalapenos, throw in 3 beaten eggs, topp with cheese and cook in a 13x9 pan. Only .5 grams of carbs per square and they are DELISH warm or cold. Not at all like a quiche -- egg just binds.

    ** These were seriously SO good that my veggie hating husband had no idea these weren't my normal cheesy hashbrowns. This was my fourth or fifth time trying to get this recipe right and I finally got it, which is great b/c I hate cauliflower, too.

    For my first weekend back on PB, my tastebuds are fully satisfied
    "If you won't be better tomorrow than you are today, what do you need tomorrow for?"

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    Sounds yummy! I too recently made some "cauliflower mash" and it was not as good as mashed potatoes (maybe I just need to experiment with the recipe some more) but it's probably better to do the hash brown style as it would probably cover up the taste better. Thanks for posting!


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      My cauliflower hashbrowns are not 100% perfectly primal -- but when I need a little something, you do what you gotta do.

      Just take a good head of cauliflower and steam it until it's soft. Then place it into a food processor and grate it up (not puree it, use the grater attachment). Put the cauliflower into a bowl with 1/3 to 1/3 cup chopped onion. Then I add about 3/4 of a cup of sour cream and 1/2 can of condensed cream of mushroom soup (can also use cream of chicken, cream of chicken with herbs, etc). There is a good recipe for primal cream of mushroom soup that I will make next time and try to sub it in for the canned stuff. Then add your cheese. I also love to add some chopped green chilies for more flavor. Mix the whole thing up and spread it out into a lightly buttered 9x9 inch baking sheet. I covered with totally smashed pork rinds mixed with a little melted butter and baked. YUM.

      I have tried doing this without the soup and it just doesn't hide the taste. As I noted, maybe the canned stuff can be substituted with a PB soup recipe but I haven't tried it yet. At the end of the day, 1/2 can of soup over an entire 9x9 inch dish of cauliflower isn't going to kill me. In fact, when I make this recipe with actual potatoes, I use a full can of soup and more sour cream, but found it really wasn't necessary in this dish.
      "If you won't be better tomorrow than you are today, what do you need tomorrow for?"


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        This sounds absolutely delicious. I wish I had access to a kitchen.


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          I see a definite cheese theme in these recipes... and I like it!
          Life consists with wildness. The most alive is the wildest. (Thoreau)


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            I love cheese. Love it. *sigh*
            "If you won't be better tomorrow than you are today, what do you need tomorrow for?"