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Which foods/dishes fill you up the most?

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    Originally posted by Sam Cree View Post
    Fatty beef ribs. However, now that I'm a cardiac patient, I'm not sure if I should eat them anymore. Once in a while might be OK, long as I don't over do it. OTOH, I have no qualms at all about eating grass fed beef.

    Do we think that Cro Magnon men ate raw meat, or do we think they cooked it? I vote that they barbequed, probably, since I doubt they had pots or pans.
    The Food Timeline: history notes--Mesopotamia through Shakespeare
    There's evidence of cooking dating back at least 250k years, but as this article states, could have been far longer.
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      Bacon fat- garlic ribeye, sweet potato with 4 tbsp cinnamon butter, salad (romaine, egg, cuke, tom, apple, green bell) with garlic red wine viniagrette, and grilled veggies with more garlic butter. That's usually a meal that'll take me 24-36 hrs without even thinking about food.
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        Originally posted by TigerLily View Post
        Ground beef cooked up in a load of bacon fat with cauliflower rice and collard greens (in a hash). Stuffed. For a long time.

        ETA: And the beef is 15% fat (grass-fed), so there's all that fat, too.
        Top that with a sunny side up egg. YUM