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How to cook 12lbs of pot roast at once?

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  • How to cook 12lbs of pot roast at once?

    So I live in Chicago in a small condo with a decent kitchen and a modern electric range. Aldi had pot round roast on sale for $1/lb so I bought all they had, about 12 lbs. Now i eat 12 lbs of meat a week (I need 180g protein a day at my weight) so this is food for the week, but it is all near expiration date. Couple that with the fact that a pot roast takes awhile to cook I was wondering if it was possible to cook it all at the same time in the oven tomorrow and just freeze what I don't eat for re-heating later.

    Mass meat cookers: how do I go about this?

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    It all depends on your pots and the size of your oven I think! If it were me, I'd put some in a crockpot with onions and any other root vegetables I had around (celery for example), and some in a Dutch oven with similar. Both should turn out juicy and also adaptable as leftovers. Actually that's one point, I usually undercook things I know I'll be eating as leftovers so that after time in the fridge and nuking, they're not dried out.

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        A crockpot would work for some of it. I'd cut some up into stew meat and freeze it.


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          I had to cook 24lbs of pork shoulder recently and I used turkey roasting pans to slow roast in the oven. 275deg for 8hrs


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            pot roasts with bbq sauce are devine. My sister who is usually lazy about dinner cut up the entire roast herself and ate 3 large servings of it. I wish we could get a 12 pounder here.
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              A 5 Quart crock pot will only cook about 5-6 lbs at a time. Cutting a couple of pounds up for stew/fajita meat is a good option. Otherwise I'd do the slow oven roasting kitoi recommends. Add water, minimal salt/seasonings, cover tightly with foil, and cook low and slow.

              Although, the monotony of eating the same meat for every meal would get to me... just sayin'
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                Stews are also a great way to use tougher cuts and don't need precise low-temp control since with more liquid there's less of a chance of boiling dry.


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                  I prefer the meat as a roast - I tend to always make stews in the crock pot that turn out bitter - maybe the bay leaf. I never liked stew as a kid so yeah.

                  As for being boring - I have a bad habit of always letting carbs or too many calories (I am trying to lose a lot of weight) drift into my diet if I try and make too many different meals. That, and I'm an unemployed post grad so eating for a week on $12 is a big deal.

                  I can make it work though, using the Robb Wolf method. I get 4 different veggie types, and 4 different oil types (lard, avacado, coconut, and olive) and a huge spice rack and just mix it up each night. Of course, I am also the guy who gained 200lbs eating the same meal every night for an entire year (Nachos, cheese sticks, and a 2litre of diet coke) so I may have some compulsion for finding solace in routine.

                  I like the undercooked idea - I just want to tenderize all the meat enough to be able to throw it in the pan for 4 minutes and have it not be too leathery.