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Sharing my sausage "work-around"

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  • Sharing my sausage "work-around"

    I tend not to buy sausage. They usually have some sort of sugar, which I just don't eat.

    Instead of going all over the place looking for a "clean" sausage option, I invented a little "work-around." I cook some ground meat (can use ground pork, or a blend of the two). As I cook it, I toss in some freshly ground fennel seeds (I leave mine a little course), some ground cayenne pepper, Italian seasoning and a little sage. Whatever I feel like grabbing, I toss it in. The fennel is key though.

    I sometimes pre-cook the ground meat plain and then warm it up with the spices and throw in some scrambled eggs. This is my new favorite breakfast!

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    Yup, it's usually fennel for me too, plus paprika and garlic. I'm lucky to get a nice fatty ground pork (butcher tells me it's about 30% fat) so it's just delicious. I throw some egg in too, on the reasoning that the coagulation keeps the fat in the patty instead of oozing out. Even if it doesn't work that way, it's delicious!


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      Great idea! We have a favorite soup recipe in my house that uses hot Italian sausage - out of the casing! Fantastic idea. Now my "Zuppa Toscana" can be grass-fed! I can't believe I never thought of that. Yup, it's the fennel and peppers (and sometimes sage) that makes it "sausage." Thanks! And to think, I was going to invest in the sausage attachment to my Kitchenaid... well, I still might, but now it can wait.
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        I love making sausage patties with ground pork, an egg, fennel, a touch of cinnamon, and italian seasonings. They are so good, and I can make up a bunch at a time on the weekends so I have quick breakfasts ready during the week!
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          If you want your own link sausage just take some ground pork/chicken/beef and mix in your own spices, let it sit in the fridge covered for a day. Then go to your butcher/meat department/etc and ask for empty sausage casings. You usually have to ASK for these. They aren't on the shelf.

          If you can't find them in your area try :
          Home Page for Wells Pork and Beef in Burgaw, NC | Wells Pork and Beef
          The Sausage Maker, Inc. - Sausage Making Equipment & Supplies - Casings & Accessories

          You can freeze these, making a large batch in advance, and take some out when you need them.
          Also check your local farmer's market. Ours has 5 vendors who sell sugar free, all meat, nitrate free, no filler based sausages.


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            Yes. I do that often. Not big on fennel. I would do sage, thyme and/or rosemary, with cayenne, garlic and onion powders.
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