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  • Help me feed the husband!

    Hey all!

    I've been gluten free for a few years, and Primal for 11 months. My mom and sister eat like I do, my husband and kids eat what I prepare (with some grumbling occasionally from the weefolk, but that seems universal.) at home. My husband eats "healthfully" in that he doesn't rely on junk food and prefers natural homemade food. He is lean, always has been athletic, and works hard physically as a landscaper. He needs to eat a TON of food to keep up with his activity, especially during the spring when he's at his busiest.

    He has always had issues with getting low blood sugar, he'll just fade fast when he gets hungry. He still eats a S.A.D. version of healthy other than the meals I cook. Sandwiches, etc. I haven't pressured him to change his diet at all since he is awesome about eating whatever we have at home, supports what I make, etc. I have always offered that if he did want to change up his eating I would prepare him food to take with him on the road but he's never wanted to switch.

    I think that 1-watching mom and I lean out, gain strength and health, etc, 2-losing his best friend last week at the age of 32 suddenly and 3- me talking up the buff primal guys with high sex drives - hehe anyway he's not been making sandwiches as much and just today he said he was fine with making food for him to take. (Oh! the other thing, is watching my blood sugar issues disappear. I think he hopes to be able to go more that two hours without crashing!)

    So, while this is the least picky eater ever, there are some parameters and I thought I could pick your brains to help me figure out what to pack.

    He makes a smoothie every morning, and when he's hungry enough, scrambles eggs too. This lasts him maybe two hours He typically takes with him a banana, a pb&j , and a meat/mustard sandwich, cheese cracker things, and maybe a hb egg.

    He doesn't stop to eat during the day, he eats while he drives from house to house. He wants to stick with stuff he can eat on the run. So no bento box of leftovers, real meal type things.

    I once tallied his food at over 4000 calories so I want to fill him up enough, especially as he transitions.

    My ideas so far

    -nuts, trail mix
    -hardboiled eggs
    -cubed cooked meats or lunchmeat/cheese rollups

    I've been baking with almond flour and coconut flour for the kids to take to school, and I could send some banana cake etc with him, but I really need some more ideas! I worry about getting enough fat in him. Anyone have a recipe for homemade jerky and larabar type things?

    THANKS to anyone who read this far. :-)

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    Sounds like a case for the revenge of the sandwich. Those Parmesan chips look OK, too.

    Also... carrot sticks are made for dipping - in nut butters, for instance, or how about pate? I bought duck liver pate from the market, sealed with a thick layer of deep yellow butter. It went beautifully with carrot sticks, but somehow I ended up eating most of it with a spoon from the pot.


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      He's not a fan of organ meats. Might be in time, but not now. I wonder if he likes ants on a log? hm.
      And good pate is totally meant to be eaten on a spoon. duh. :-)


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        Oh, and Rivvin cracks me up. I'd seen that before but we are without a microwave right now and I'm pretty happy about that. Might have to try in the toaster oven... wonder how the bread would hold up for hours in the truck?


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          Originally posted by Millie Ivy View Post
          Oh, and Rivvin cracks me up. I'd seen that before but we are without a microwave right now and I'm pretty happy about that. Might have to try in the toaster oven... wonder how the bread would hold up for hours in the truck?
          I would toast the bread before making the sandwich. If you get feedback that it is crumbling then send filling separate " some assembly required".

          If sandwiches are his thing, give him sandwiches. Try this bread:

          This is the basic recipe from Rivvin's thread with a few tweaks to add flavor and texture.

          (makes 4 slices)

          1/2 cup almond meal
          1/4 cup bacon grease
          2 tsp. Sesame seeds
          1 tsp. Onion powder
          2 tsp baking powder
          2 eggs, beaten

          Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

          Mix all ingredients.
          Grease an 8" square pan.
          Smooth batter in pan.
          Bake for 12-15 minutes.

          Remove bread from pan and allow it to cool on a rack. Cut into 4 sections.

          This bread toasts wonderfully.

          Stay tuned: coming soon...Primal Foccacia!
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