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Is there a Paleo bottled dressing available?

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    I always keep at least one and sometimes two homemade dressings in jars at home, and I don't bother to refrigerate most of them (hubby and I eat salad every day so I know they won't have time to go bad). I keep old salad dressing bottles and also have been using the same Good Seasonings cruet for the last ten years, just like my Mom's. The only one I can't make year-round is raspberry vinaigrette. Hubby and I went raspberry picking last fall and I saved about a pint of seedless puree that didn't go into jam or other creations. Using it as the acid base in a standard vinaigrette with EVOO and just a touch of honey was delicious! But alas, we've run out of the puree for now.

    Also second the oil and vinegar suggestion.
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      Actually - up until this past weekend, I would have had the same reaction as Suzan did. Bottled = Fail. We had not found a single acceptable salad dressing, to date.


      On Friday, Hayley and I went to the Pittsburgh Farm to Table conference and met Scott, the owner of a company called Zukay. Scott, a paleo follower himself, makes salad dressings that are sold in some Whole Foods (as well as online). The ingredients are totally within bounds of being Paleo (in fact, he said he had been featured on MDA, which was kind of nifty to hear).

      Anyway, check out his salad dressings. He's a great guy, and I tried every flavor he had. They were all great!