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Can defrosted meat be cooked rare or medium rare?

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    Eaten previously frozen meat all my life. Grew up on a ranch where we'd butcher once a year. We'd have a big BBQ with fresh meat, then everything got cut, wrapped, and frozen and there was meat for the year, sometimes longer. Never had an issue. Beef I usually throw the brick in the sink to thaw for the day, chicken/sausage/ground stuffs goes in the microwave if I forgot or in the fridge if I remember (which is rare, I love the microwave). I've even re-froze thawed meat and reheated it and didn't have any issues, though it did make it tougher.
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      If you're going to eat raw meat (e.g., carpaccio or steak tartar), it's recommended that you freeze it first for at least 14 days and then defrost it. Most parasites commonly found in meat won't survive being frozen for 14 days.

      So yes, it's definitely fine to eat it rare instead of raw if you want to.
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