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  • Courdain's Paleo Cookbook

    I've already got the PB Cookbook and am buying another copy for one of my buddies birthday. While I was perusing I saw Courdain's book and was wondering if it's worth picking up or if it's just gonna be a duplicate of what I already have for the most part.

    I've heard it doesn't have pictures which can be a turn off for some I suppose. Does anyone own it? Worth buying? 1st time buyer $5 discount code: GIS836

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    I have it.

    IMO, he uses way too much olive oil, honey, and fruit, plus very expensive ingredients. I really didn't find it all that useful for my purposes, but others may like it. I appreciate that there are some varied Paleo-style cookbooks to choose from, but it wasn't my thing.

    I'm really looking forward to this one: Everyday Paleo (9780982565810): Sarah Fragoso, Robb Wolf: Books

    I hope it does well. It's already selling well in pre-orders.


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      The Paleo Cook Book is designed to offer a comprehensive nutritional guide in eating. Yes, it is low in carbohydrates but it is not restrictive and it will guide you to a healthier diet choice. This book is a gold mine of good recipes, tips and tricks regarding all regular foods we see in our refrigerator. The Paleo diet recipes are diverse.


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        I agree with Suzan - wasn't my thing either. I ve also got Sarah's book on pre-order and I love the new PB quick and easy book.


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          Thus far, I've used the PB Cookbook the most (I'm still waiting for my Quick and Easy one--if it doesn't show up soon, I'm emailing again because I was told it was sent on the 21st and Canada isn't THAT far from California). I want to pick up the Everyday Paleo one because the recipes on her site have been excellent whenever I've tried them. I have Cordain's book, but I haven't made much out of it. I'd adjust the fat content on a lot of the recipes since the cookbook lines up with Cordain's low-fat paleo stance. I also use one called The Grain-Free Gourmet, which was written for SCD but has some good paleo/primal friendly recipes.

          However, a lot of the time I cook without a recipe at all. When I was growing up, my mother taught me about combinations of flavours that work in the kitchen and showed me some good techniques, which made me pretty good to start, but I have to say that going primal took my cooking to another level because I stopped being afraid to use fat in my food. Fat makes things taste good.
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            I ended up buying the PB Quick & Easy (and a copy for my buddy for his bday) since I really like my PB Cookbook. Some of the recipes in the new book are "different" but I came up with a list of ones that I definitely want to try.

            Everyday Paleo looks like it might be good too. I really like Robb Wolf's podcast so far.
   1st time buyer $5 discount code: GIS836


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              Can't wait for my copy of Everyday Paleo to come. She should totally have her own Food Network show
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                You can also go with paleo recipe book its good
                Paleo Cook Book