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St. Patrick's Day Feast! Crock pot recipes?

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  • St. Patrick's Day Feast! Crock pot recipes?

    I just purchased a corned beef brisket from Whole Foods yesterday. I am looking for some crock pot recipes that people out there are using. I have the corned beef, the cabbage, onions, potatoes and garlic. Any ideas?
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    This one looks good: Kalyn's Kitchen: Once a Year Recipe Favorite: Corned Beef with Veggies and Horseradish Sauce

    She also has a recipe for the leftovers: Kalyn's Kitchen: Recipe for Leftover Corned Beef Soup with Sauerkraut and Tomatoes
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      Throw everything in crock pot, and cover with beef stock. Cook 10-12 hours. Yum!
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        Mine is simmering away right now. With the spice packet and the liquid from the meat, I don't think you need anything else. Just throw it all in the crockpot with some water. Yum
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          I'm bad, I only ever use a pressure cooker for my corned beef. In the pressure cooker for an hour, let it de-pressurize. Then I take the meat out to rest and add in all my veggies into the pressure cooker and cook them for about 10 minutes. The best, tastiest corned beef EVER!


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            It is getting close to St. Patricks day again, so I will revive this thread. I cover the corned beef with water, bring it to a boil, and then throw out the water and start again (with pickling spice or crab boil, not the little packet of spices it comes with). That reduces it to a more pleasant salt level. I keep it at a low simmer for about 4 hours or until a fork goes in easily, then take out the meat and cook the vegetables in the broth. Supermarket corned beef is made with nitrites; I don't know if some of them wash out with the salt. It can be made at home with just salt but I haven't tried yet.
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              Parsnips cooked with corned beef are divine, I also throw in a chunk of peeled horseradish root into the pot for flavor.


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                I only ever use a pressure cooker for my corned beef.