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Short on ingredients for meatzza

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  • Short on ingredients for meatzza

    tonight I was wanting a Meatzza but only had 1lb of gf ground beef, usually not enough for 4 people for dinner, so i came up with a way to stretch the 1lb out. By far the best meatzza crust I've made to date. I know this subject has been beaten to death, most of the faux pizza just are not pizza like.

    This one really worked well and was not soggy or too meaty.

    1lb of gf ground beef
    3/4 cup of course ground almond meal
    2 eggs
    2 tsp dried oregano
    2 tsp of caraway seed
    salt and pepper

    all goes in the mixer and spin for just enough time to combine
    oiled baking sheet, spread mixture out evenly
    toss into 475 deg oven and keep an eye on it, when browned to your satisfaction about 7 or 8 min, pull out and let cool a bit.

    Top with whatever you like and broil it again!

    I topped with tomato sauce, applegate pepperoni, caramelized cabbage and red onion, a mix of Parmesan and mozzarella and some fresh tomato slices-weird combo but that's what i had and it was truly tasty
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