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  • I Love Duck Eggs!

    Last week I bought some eggs from a farmer at a church I visited. He was selling them after church in the auditorium. We love eggs and we're always running out too fast. He had the cartons set up to include 8 chicken eggs and 4 duck eggs. Well, okay then....

    The chicken eggs went first. Because I was scared of the duck eggs. The chicken eggs were AMAZING. The best eggs I've ever had (and I've had some mighty fine, pasture-raised eggs in my time).

    I was scared of the duck eggs. They looked "normal" enough except they were THREE times the size of the chicken eggs.

    I "googled" them. I worked up some courage. I fried up some bacon. Fried two duck eggs (OMG, they're eggs for GIANTS!) in the bacon fat. Put it all on a plate with some avocado and sriracha sauce.

    I am very pleased! The yolk to egg-white proportion is different than chicken eggs -- more yolk in duck eggs! I love yolks. They are more rich and flavorful than chicken eggs. I love them.
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    Duck eggs are one of my favorite farmers market treats.


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      psh, i hear ya, sisters. it is my fav farmers market treat as well. that giant, golf ball sized orange yolk and all of its flavor... jeez. i normally eat 3 fried eggs in the morning, and one duck egg normally does the trick. i hope i can find 'em soon, seems like the spring time is the only season that brings them around.


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        Why make it just a farmers market treat? You can easily get a pair of layers and toss 'em in your backyard. They're friendly, eat up all the bugs, slugs and toads and they just need a pool or pond.


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          Oooh I wanna try duck eggs SO badly!!! I will find some this summer, I WILL!
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            i would love to try some! a man i used to work for used to have geese and he said the eggs were lovely
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              I haven't had duck eggs yet, but this past weekend I got to try some goose eggs. They are also about 3 times the size of chicken. They were yolky and delicious.


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                Ever try quail eggs?


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                  I grew up on duck eggs... sometimes we'd get a "double yolker" I LOVED that.

                  I haven't had them since I was a teenager though.


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                    What are you paying? Last weekend at the Union Sq greenmarket regular eggs (cage free blah blah blah) were going for $8/dozen! Are you freaking kidding me? $8?!


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                      Never tried quail eggs. How are they?

                      aktes, I pay between $4 and $5 per dozen right now in California.


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                        I tried them (duck eggs) in the coconut creamer recipe and it didn't work as well to keep the fat and liquid emulsified. My guess is that the egg white does that not the yolk.

                        When making them in bacon fat, I found them more filling than regular large chicken eggs.


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                          Originally posted by aktres View Post
                          What are you paying? Last weekend at the Union Sq greenmarket regular eggs (cage free blah blah blah) were going for $8/dozen! Are you freaking kidding me? $8?!
                          Wow! I have ducks and sell the extra eggs for $4/dozen. Maybe I'm selling myself short!

                          I like duck eggs fried or scrambled, but not hard boiled. Odd.
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                            I am official "treat maker" for my husbands' work crew. Last year his buddy brought a dozen turkey eggs for me and wistfully said "these make good cakes". So I found an orange coconut chiffon cake recipe and whipped it up. I am squeamish about eggs for some reason. If it doesn't come from a domestic hen I'm a little iffy. I was rather surprised to discover turkey eggs DO make nice cakes and there's no difference in taste apart from being richer because of the larger yolks.


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                              I miss my ducks, especially for their eggs. They make a great backyard pet too. Duck eggs make insanely light and fluffy omelettes.
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