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Mung bean sprouts= primal noodles!

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  • Mung bean sprouts= primal noodles!

    I made the yummiest stir-fry last night, and for just the last minute, I mixed in some mung bean sprouts with the rest of the veggies. They stay a little firm and are just noodle-y enough to satisfy my chow mein craving... I modified this recipe from one someone posted last week, I think.

    Shrimp stir-fry with mushroom sauce

    For the sauce:
    12oz shiitake mushrooms
    1 regular size can of coconut milk
    2 tbsp tamari (I know it's not 100% primal, but it is better than soy sauce)
    Sriracha to taste

    Saute the mushrooms on medium heat in olive oil until just tender. Add the coconut milk, soy sauce and sriracha and allow to simmer for several minutes.

    For the stir-fry:
    1 pound shrimp
    2 green peppers
    1 red pepper
    1 tbsp sesame oil
    16 oz mung bean sprouts
    Red pepper flakes to taste

    Saute the veggies on medium heat in sesame oil until just tender. Add red pepper flakes to taste. Add shrimp for the last 3-5 minutes to cook through. Add the mung bean sprouts for the last minute, just to get warm and slightly tender.

    Put veggies in a bowl and tops with some of the mushroom sauce. Faux-noodley goodness! Should serve 4. It is almost like a coconut soup/stir-fry. Even my non-primal boyfriend was super into it.