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  • Kimchi

    Does any one make this and have recipes / tips to share? I've looked at quite a few online and some make a "porridge" with rice flour and flavourings, others have a paste of red pepper, garlic, ginger etc.

    None seem to have an inch or so of brine above the cabbage as in sauerkraut? I'm keen to make it - but want, if possible, to avoid poisoning myself!

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    Kimchi has a lot of regional variations (including some types that have fish in them). The stuff I get is from a Korean man at my local farmers market, and he cans his in Mason jars, much like one would do with jam, salsa, etc. If I don't keep it in the fridge, the ongoing fermentation will eventually blow out the seal on the jar.
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      Visit Maangchi on the web/YouTube. She shares Korean recipes, including different kimchis and many dishes that are suited to Primal.
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        we basically just use the veggies in a fermentation pot. that's how we roll.


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          I really want to try making some kimchi. I like sauerkraut alright, but kimchi is much tastier to me. I tried making some kraut last year and it failed (waaay too salty and tasted funny). I want to try making some kimchi, but am scared of messing up again.
          I saw this on Serious Eats recently: Cook the Book: Quick Kimchi | Serious Eats : Recipes
          And it mentioned this recipe too: Napa Cabbage and Daikon Kimchi | Cooking Momofuku at home - Momofuku for two
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            Get some Napa cabbage (Chinese cabbage) cut the bottom off. Soak the leves in salty water..good salty to taste... most of the day... the key is the leaves go limp. Rinse them all off thouroghly. Get some minced galic, fresh or from a jar. Get some red peper powder. Mix up some of thepowder to make some paste and in the garlic and some fish oil and spread it all over the leaves...let it set.... refrig or not... enjoy the next day.

            I know that is not exact...LOL I learned from watching my wife. She also uses fish guts which I don't mess with. For medium head I would say 1/2 cup of minced garlic and maybe a big tablespoon of red pepper powder with a cup of water? I just add it slowly until I get the consistency I like.

            there are recipies out on the web...

            Like another poster said there are many things that are referred to as Kimchi, you can also make it from Dicon radish...mmmmm or from pickles
            All good...

            There is a warning that the longer it sits the more sour it will get.

            You can even chop the stuff up make some Kimchi Stew with pork..... oh man I MAn HUNGRY!

            Good luck~
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              i use the recipe from wild fermentation Wild Fermentation


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                Yodelwan, thanks for the links - the quick kimchi looks great and I'll try that one.

                Melody, I've just got that book - how did it come out? Do you ferment it long enough for it to develop loads of probiotics?