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Ostrich Omelet

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  • Ostrich Omelet

    I made one, and it was delicious! I got it at Whole Foods (they also had Emu eggs)

    We cracked it open with a can opener, poured it out, scrambled it up, and fried it. It was very rich and creamy and awesome.

    There are more pictures and details here: Two cavemen eat a dinosaur egg

    I know, we used Canola oil, and that isn't primal. I was at a friend's house though, and that was what he had. I've also only just started this whole primal thing, but this was fun so I thought I'd share.

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    I am wickedly jealous right now.


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      I don't know if you're in the NY area (biased because I am), but if you are, the eggs are provided by this farmer(raiser? brain farting right now...) has a booth at the Union Sq farmers market selling only ostrich and emu based items. He told me that that the eggs that don't get sold at Whole Foods usually sit there for weeks till someone does buy them. If you want the real fresh ones, go to his booth. Super nice guy, too! Tons of info.


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        Cool! I'm in the Maryland area. The eggs had no expiration date, but two WF employees claimed that they just got them in. I was concerned about that, no expiration date means they could just sit there forever. Actually, this whole experience is making me consider becoming an ostrich farmer! Next I have to try Ostrich meat, I've heard it's delicious.


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          It makes me wonder if the people in Florida or Australia have access to aligator eggs or are they protected ?


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            that is so cool! i just ordered a couple of goose eggs with my meat order this week, they said they are 4x the size of a chicken egg.


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              The yolk in the picture looks dark orange with some red in it. Was the red blood ?