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  • Meetza grease

    I've seen many recipes around the net for Meetza. They all seemed to be formed on a cookie sheet or pizza pan. I'm interested in trying one but I don't know how to handle with all the meat juice and fat that runs out of the meat as it cooks. The recipes I've seen may be using a lower percentage of fat to lean. Sometimes it's even suggested to turn the Meetza crust over so it can cook evenly on both sides. Any suggestions?

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    I make this recipe:

    Meatza! Meatza!

    I pull the pan out of the oven part way through and pour the grease out and then pop it back in for the last couple of minutes. No flipping that would be messy and difficult.
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      I cook mine in a 9x13" baking dish, and then I oh-so-carefully pour off the liquid, holding the dish with one hand and holding the meat in place with a spatula with the other. (Admittedly, I did break it once, out of maybe 10 meatzas I've made.) It's not essential to get every drop of it off. I've never tried to flip it - mine have been too big for that to be feasible.

      I use 90% lean ground beef (or a beef/pork/veal mix that seems pretty similar in fat content) and I don't think it would overflow or anything if I made it on a cookie sheet... I just have old crappy cookie sheets and would rather use my nice baking dish.
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        Don't forget to drink the juices once they've cooled a little
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          Thanks so much, all of you. I can see how this big baked meat patty can be handled. I was envisioning a cookie sheet swimming with meat juice and fat. . . and me spilling in all over the oven trying to get it out. Peril you mentioned drinking the cooled juice. That would probably be a very nicely seasoned beef broth.