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Please help me with my raw egg phobia.

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  • Please help me with my raw egg phobia.

    I have a raw egg phobia. It seems wrong to me to eat raw eggs or even just raw egg yolks. Even before going primal, I never once ate raw cookie dough. It's not just a fear of salmonella. It's also the texture and the idea of the raw egg. They just seem so icky and slimy and... not something I can eat raw.

    Has anybody else had a raw egg phobia and gotten past it?

    I see so many primal recipes w/ raw eggs. Mayo, coconut coffee creamer, smoothies, and more. I'd like to try making primal mayo, but the raw egg thing freaks me out.

    Most of the eggs I buy are the Costco free range organic ones. Are organic eggs safer to eat raw than standard eggs?


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    Well, a raw egg in mayo doesn't have the same texture or taste as a raw egg on its own. So if your fear is related to the icky and slimy, shouldn't be a problem in the case of mayo.
    I get the same eggs from Costco, and just last week, I used one egg white in a recipe and had the yolk left over. I'm not in the habit of eating raw eggs, but this yolk was just there and I thought, what the hey, and just kind of swallowed it whole. I found the mouth feel and taste to be fine -- like a really undercooked soft-boiled or sunny-side up egg. Do you eat/like your eggs soft, or do you only eat them well-done?
    Then again, I never had a raw egg "phobia." The only other time I can remember having eaten raw eggs was when I was about 8 and had to do it for some kind of medical test. Foggy on the details, this was back in the Ukraine, but I think I had to swallow like 2-3 at once.
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      I like cooked eggs, but they need to be all the way cooked. I don't do runny yolks. They gross me out.

      Maybe I just need to decide it's not bad and try it?


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        I mean, you don't HAVE to eat raw eggs on their own. If they gross you out, why force yourself?
        And like I said re: mayo, you don't taste raw egg, you taste ... mayo, especially the oil flavor. Never tried it in coconut creamers or in smoothies.
        Everything in moderation, including moderation.


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          Originally posted by MariaNYC View Post
          I mean, you don't HAVE to eat raw eggs on their own. If they gross you out, why force yourself?
          Seconded, but if you really wanna make your own mayo, just try to forget that it's oil + egg yolks and just think of it as mayo. I've never gotten sick from eating eggs, but I've only had them raw a few times, and they were eggs from my sister's chickens, so they were very, very fresh.


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            yeah eating a whole, raw egg is totally yuck.
            BUT a different story in dressings, treats, mayo, etc. you wouldn't even know there was egg in it if you weren't the one dissecting the recipe.
            decide it is fine, and go for it.


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              I got over my phobia my first making mayo. I just decided to take the dive, and boy I'm glad I did! I recently tried them in smoothies and they are amazing, they give smoothies a super creamy rich taste. I use eggs from my own chickens preferable and then sometimes ones from our local farm store. I've never gotten sick and have been consuming raw eggs for probably over a year.
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                In the last year, I've let go of a life-long meat phobia, a raw egg phobia, and raw dairy phobia. None of it is a big deal now, but it was a big deal at the time. Here's a link to a Mercola article about raw eggs and salmonella that I found helpful.

                Raw Eggs for Your Health -- Major Update 11/13/02

                Warning! Mercola's emails may cause new phobias.