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Eggs - whats you favorite way to eat them

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    Here is my breakfast today:

    mini tomatoes (whatever I had left after my toddler stole them off my plate), 1/4 avocado, 2 poached eggs, collard greens mix cooked w/bacon


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      Originally posted by HillsideGina View Post
      Another egg lover here!

      I like them almost every which way but I'm picky about good preparation. For example, if you scramble eggs for me and get them AT ALL browned - just give 'em to the dogs - they're ruined for me.

      Also, I don't like the little white thingie - the chalaza (shudder!) I like my sunny side up eggies MEDIUM - not too runny, not too dry. I also like them crisped by cooking them in a bunch of butter or in bacon fat and spooning that yummy hot fat over the egg as it cooks.

      You see - that's why I prefer to cook my eggs myself, heh-heh...

      Currently my favorite way to have them is omelets Julia Child's French style -- get a good heavy stainless-clad copper pan nice and hot, put a glob of butter (about an inch-wide slice) in it, let it melt and start to bubble. Swirl it around the pan. Use a ladle to put in a scoop of room-temp whisked eggs (I add a dollop of heavy cream). When the egg starts congealing, start shaking the pan back and forth (won't work on a glass-top range), until you see the eggs starting to bubble in the middle from air getting underneath. The eggs are "floating" on the butter, so they won't stick to the pan if done properly.

      Tip the pan and use a spatula to get uncooked egg from the middle to the sides and underneath. Listen up - this is serious cuisine, LOL! Any omelet fillings you want and have prepared and ready - throw a handful in the middle now. Then slide the egg to the edge of the pan and give your wrist a flick to flip that sucker, folded, onto your plate. Voila! These are delicious plain and take a few fast minutes to cook.

      For fillings I like to pre-saute chopped 'shrooms or fresh spinach. These aren't the over-filled, American-type omelets though - just a little filling and mostly just plain egg.

      There's a video from the 60s of Child on YouTube making these omelets. Worth a look. You'll never think of omelets the same way again.
      Marry me!

      My husband can't stand eggs in the least. I'm all alone in my egg love.