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Shrimp, potato and broccoli in a dill cream sauce

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  • Shrimp, potato and broccoli in a dill cream sauce

    I had some potatoes left over from yesterday evening (I am trying to eat a few more of them) and some shrimps which I had defrosted. Wondered what I could do with these for lunch.

    So - I peeled and chopped a small onion and set if frying gently in some pork fat. While that was doing, I sliced the stems of a piece of broccoli into coins, and added them to the onions. Then I sliced 4 small new potatoes into coins, added them to the onions and broccoli stems and while they were cooking, chopped the broccoli florets small.

    The broccoli went into the pan with some salt and pepper, a teaspoon and a half of dried dill weed and a cup of shrimps, stirred and put the lid on to heat through.

    Lastly I added just enough thick cream to coat the things lightly (not enough to make a sauce - just to sort of lubricate the rest), stirred it and served it.

    It was awesome! I have written it down so I can do it again - could well become a favourite!! I think it might be good to fry some bacon lardons first and add the onions to that - another layer of flavour....