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My mocha recipe

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  • My mocha recipe

    Just made this after breakfast and it was delicious. I've been playing around with the quantities, and the method for a while but I've got it spot on today:

    1/3 can coconut milk
    1 T pure cocoa powder
    2-4 squares 70+%
    1 t coffee granules
    1 t arrowroot powder

    hand whisker
    small saucepan

    1. Pour the coconut milk into a mug and top up with water (leave enough space at the top for the other ingredients). Pour into a small saucepan and heat on medium.

    2. As it heats up add the cocoa powder (This dissolves easier and makes less mess if the coconut milk is hot). Then melt the chocolate in - stir with a spatula, making sure it doesn't stick to the pan.

    3. Pour the coffee granules into the mug and the arrowroot powder into the jug.

    4. Just before the hot chocolate begins to bubble, pour it into the jug with the arrowroot powder and whisk. This gives it a nice smooth texture, breaking up any bits of chocolate that haven't dissolved.

    5. Then simply pour it over the coffee and stir. The arrowroot powder will give it a thick creamy texture.

    6. (I pour the last few drops at the bottom of the mug over another square of chocolate. It's the best thing ever)

    It can be fairly rich, depending on how much coconut milk and cocoa powder are used, and the % of the chocolate. Keeps me going several hours if I use enough coconut milk.