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  • Flavoured lard

    I have some pork fat to render into lard tomorrow. I was wondering; has anyone tried flavouring it with, say, bay leaves or rosemary while it is rendering down?

    What made me wonder was a big pork joint I cooked recently with lots of rosemary and garlic - I used some of the fat that cooked off it for cooking eggs the next day and they tasted fantastic. Would the heat of the rendering in the slow cooker be too high to manage to flavour the fat with rosemary, or could it work really well?

    I'm reluctant to experiment and end up throwing out loads of otherwise good fat, but I'd LOVE some more of the amazing flavour I got by mistake!!

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    Yes, you can do that. I simply haven't because I tend to do big batches of lard & tallow, and don't want to be saddled with one or two flavors. I'd considered doing mini batches with flavors with my fondu pot though. I've always loved herbed olive oil, so I'm sure lard and tallow would both be lovely.


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      Good plan, Diana. I'll render the fat down, then tip some into jars and keep back some to "herb". My local organic pig farm give me the fat free rather than throw it out - no one locally seems to use it except me!


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        Yes, herb the jars individually. Infused lard, brilliant!
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