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Soup. Bones. Soup Bones. ?

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  • Soup. Bones. Soup Bones. ?

    I was planning on using soup bones to make a beef stock - but my soup bone has a huge steak attached to it. Normal? Is that more something I would ad soup stock to vs. making a stock from it?

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    Depends on how big "huge" is. If it's big enough, cut it off and cook it separately. Otherwise, leave it on. It'll give the stock a much nicer flavor with some meat on the bones.


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      Looks like 12 ounces. I was expected 3 or 4 sections of bone in the package, not one + steak.


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        That's...odd! If it looks like a fairly good cut, I'd cook it on its own. Or if you're not too worried about the toughness of an overcooked piece of meat, leave it on during the cooking.


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          I'd roast the meat and the bone, cut the meat off the bone and make stock out of the bone and pan drippings. Unless it looks like crappy meat in which case just boil it all.
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            So you get meat at bone price? Bonus! If you're making soup I would leave the meat, simmer for 30 minutes or so, remove the meat, and add it back at the end.