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gluten free cauliflower cheese

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  • gluten free cauliflower cheese

    I used to love cauliflower cheese, but it was made with a roux sauce and so it had gluten in it.

    Yesterday, I cooked cauliflower florets in the microwave, and while it was cooking grated a heap of cheddar cheese. I mixed a tub of thick cream with this, stirred in a teaspoon of Colman's mustard and some pepper and poured it over the cauli. It went into the oven which the chicken had roasted in, left it there about 12 minutes - it was delicious.

    Better than the original roux sauce version - I shall be doing this a LOT!

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    I made a similar sauce recently using creme fraiche and cheddar (and added a bit of parmesan for extra cheesiness) and used it in an aubergine 'lasagne' (thinly sliced aubergine instead of the pasta). I can't believe I never thought to try it with cauli! Thanks for the suggestion


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      Yummy. I've made cauliflower cheese and lasagne sauce before with cream cheese, cream and cheese.