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Coconut curry stew

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  • Coconut curry stew

    User Created Coconut Cookbook, p.25 - I made this last night with some cod and it was really delicious (thanks Tara, wherever you are).

    It was the first time I've cooked with coconut milk, just used it in smoothies and hot chocolate before. But I'm sure it will become a common ingredient in soups and stews from now on. Anyway, I'm interested to find out some variations to this dish, or similar dishes, if you could post some recipes. How do you use coconut milk in your cooking??

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    Could someone give me a little advice. I'm going to make this again tomorrow but using chicken breast instead of fish. What's the best way to cook the chicken here? I want it diced, but the method.. I'm not sure about.

    I'm thinking either, cook it completely then add it to the stew to reheat.. or.. brown it as the stew cooks and let it finish cooking in the stew. Which would be the safer option for this dish? I'm still a newbie when it comes to soups.

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      I just looked at the recipe - I think you can cook chicken the same way as you'd do the fish. 15 minutes of cooking in the stew should be plenty for diced or sliced chicken breast. I do thai curries in coconut milk all the time and that's the cooking method I use for chicken.
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