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  • flax "oatmeal"

    I love this gluten free, low carb, easy "oatmeal" recipe.

    1/4 c. ground flax

    1/2 c. boiling water

    1/4 t. cinnamon

    if you like.... add 1/4 c. pumpkin

    stir boiling water into flax, add extras and enjoy this hearty breaksfast or snack

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    we had a big debate on here that flax is not primal...........

    so I am up in the air about eating it

    but your recipe sounds good xoxo Darlene


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      Flax is better then a lot of things, but depending on how strict you are, you might not want to consume it. I know over the summer I read some studies connecting it with increased estrogen-not huge increases, but still present-and the high fiber content is not exactly great for you, as it's really easy to get over 10 grams of fiber in one snack or meal just from the flax.

      If this makes you happy though, then hell with everything I just said, grub on!

      In Pursuit of Healthiness, Only to Achieve Happiness!:


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        I'm not a primal puritan but I have been looking all over for something to switch in for my morning oatmeal. I gave it up completely when I started adopting a primal lifestyle. NJ mornings get cold this time of year and a bowl of oatmeal with honey or fruit-butter was a nice way to warm up somedays. This sounds like a worthy substitute. I think I'll give it a try with the pumpkin butter I got at the from the farm this weekend. Thanks for the tip!


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          i eat 2tbsp of flax meal every day. some days i mix it in a protein shake, and 2-3x a week i make this "hot cereal" 2mins in the microwave

          1/2c unsweetened almond milk

          1/2c unsalted canned pumpkin

          2tbsp flaxmeal

          1tsp cinnamon

          sachet of stevia

          other additions depending on how i feel

          -1 tbsp almond butter

          -a sprinkling of raisins and i mean a sprinkle not like 1/4c of them


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            that sounds soooo good, misanthem!


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              Yeah...the flax thing has been back and forth on the forum.

              I think the biggest negative is the phytic acid. I'd go for sprouted flax whenever you can get it so you minimize this problem. That's what I do. I still make flax bread and other flax items and eat them (in moderation) as part of my primal plan, but I just try and use sprouted flax whenever possible. Navita’s Naturals has a sprouted flax flour.