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  • Pork liver and heart

    I'm a member of a meat CSA and every month, in addition to 20 pounds family farm-raised meat, they offer "extras." Pork liver and heart is being offered at $1.50 a pound.

    I know that I should be eating more organ meats. But I've never really heard of people eating organs from domesticated pigs.

    Anyone have any experience with this? Is it advisable? Is it nutritious? Is it tasty?

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    I loooove Pork liver, but made into liverpate, the way my mother, grandmother & great-grandmother made it. It's standard Danish fare. With a lovely big liver you can make several pate's, freeze the ones you don't use and just bake the ones you do. Here's a recipe:

    I haven't made this since I became Primal. Usually we'd eat it with Danish-style rye-bread, mushrooms, pickle, bacon and a few other trimmings on an open-face sandwich. I'd probably cheat w/ some sprouted manna bread for this if I made it today.


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      Madame you could try making primal Anticuchos with pork heart:

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        Actually now that I'm thinking about it we used to make marinated pork-liver as well as a ton of other recipes in our family. Pork is a big stable in Denmark and the liver was always used. You can fry the liver in butter and then finish in a red-wine, onion sauce. Or, you chop it into slivers and wok-fry it for 3-4 mins with other veggies. Lot of options...


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          Nina, that recipe sounds so good! I'm tired of my usual beef liver curry. I might give this a try. Can I substitute butter for pork fat and omit the flour?


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            maba - for the liverpate, I have to admit I've never made it without the fat. Pork-fat is one of the key ingredients (taste-wise). The recipe I listed uses 1kg of pork liver and 500g of fat. My mother's recipe uses 700g of liver and 400g of lard/pork-fat. So, the fat is a pretty key ingredient.

            For the flour it's usually only used 2-3 tablespoons, just enough to make a roux. I'm sure there's a way of making roux without it, but I don't know enough to be sure. The roux is needed to thicken things slightly.

            Here's my family's recipe:

            Ingredients (makes ~3-4 liver pâté’s)


            700g fresh pork-liver (svinelever)

            400g lard/pork-fat (spæk)

            1 medium onion (løg)


            50g butter (smør)

            3 tablespoons all-purpose flour (mel)

            350ml (0.35 of a liter) whipping cream (piskefløde)

            Final Ingredients

            3 eggs, separated (æg)

            1 tablespoon salt

            1 teaspoon black pepper (sort peber)

            ½ teaspoon crushed cloves (nellike)

            ½ teaspoon crushed allspice (allehånde)

            ½ teaspoon powdered ginger (ingefær)

            ~16 slices bacon, for lining the bread/loaf pans

            1/ Cut liver, lard & onions into cubes

            2/ run the liver, fat and onions through a meat-grinder 3-times until smooth in consistency & color.

            3/ Make the roux...melt butter, add flour & stir until thick (should resemble a thick cake frosting consistency). Once cooled, stir in whipping cream.

            4/ Add cooled roux, 3 egg-yolks & crushed spices into meat mixture.

            5/ Whip the egg-whites until firm and fold into meat mixture.

            6/ Line 3-4 bread-loaf pans w/ bacon & pour meat mixture into them. Add bacon ontop too. Freeze the ones you don't use & bake the rest for 1 hour 15 mins at 175 deg centigrade (sorry, you'll need to convert to US measurements).


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              Thanks a bunch Nina! I can imagine how much better it must taste with pork-fat. Can I buy small jars of pork-fat/lard online? I've only seen those gigantic 5 gallon pails. My Hindu family is already quite freaked out about my diet. Don't want to scare them by storing those pails of lard in the house.


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                I've always bought the lard fresh from the butcher. It's the natural layer of fat under the skin of the back of the pig. So, haven't tried it any other way. If you tell your butcher you're making Pate with it, he'll know what to give you. You can have a look at what a "strip" of fat looks like here:


                You might be able to buy online too, I'm sure.

                Yeah, I can imagine your Hindu family is a bit freaked out by the Primal diet Thankfully, Danes consider fat & meat sensible food groups, although younger generations are going towards the low-fat/high-carb trend.


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                  I always loved little chicken hearts, sauteed and then mixed in with rice (guess I need to find a new recipe for this now ;-). But I never thought about how to prepare and eat a large heart!


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                    Oh...I'm on a roll now (and dreaming about pâté’s....oh, drool, drool). Of course, the French make a bunch of delicious pâté’s and they also use pork liver regularly. Found this site:



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                      Pork liver and heart are amazingly good. My dad surprised me with a "present" when he delivered my beef and boar- a fresh heart and liver, straight out of a pig. It was still pretty warm. I'm now regularly having my butcher save hearts and livers (both pork and beef) as well as beef tongues since these are items other customers rarely want.

                      For livers, I'm falling in love with liver patties. I made some out of some leftover liver the other night. (See recipe section.) Heart I like just fried up.

                      I'm going to experiment with making a meat loaf with liver tonight, so we'll see how that goes. I have to say though, of it all, beef tongue is probably my favorite. OMG, so tender!

                      Crockpot works great for tongues and hearts. You can stuff a heart and bake it. There doesn't seem to be tons of liver recipes out there, so that means having to experiment a little. I'll post *if* tonight goes well.


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                        Thank you all for your suggestions. I think I'll get 3-4 pounds of pork organs and play around with some recipes. I do love pate... that Epicurious recipe that Nina posted doesn't have any flour so I'll give it a shot.