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A problem with a recipe

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  • A problem with a recipe

    Ok. Food science-y folks I've got a question. I tried making this recipe tonight but it didn't quite work out. Here are the basics: 8oz hazelnuts roasted and peeled then food processor-ed until clumping. 1.5 T cocoa powder and 1 T stevia extract (I didn't have stevia so I used 3 T real maple syrup instead) and then coconut oil until the consistency is smooth.

    But instead of coming out nice and smooth mine got VERY stiff and then separated from the oil (which I added VERY slowly as if making mayonnaise). Why'd it do that? I can't even figure out how it got that stiff with the ingredients that are in there!

    It still TASTES pretty good and I can use it up but I'm kinda disappointed that it didn't come out right.

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    I would hazard a guess that somehow the coconut oil messed with the consistency of the maple, which would in turn stiffen everything up. But that's only a guess.
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      I think it's the cocoa powder. You might try dissolving it in 1-2 tbsp hot water, then incorporate the nuts and coconut oil.

      You might add boiling hot water or hot cream to the current glop to see if it loosens up.