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Bargain Primal in the Pittsburgh area?

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  • Bargain Primal in the Pittsburgh area?

    Hey guys -

    I just recently became interested in going primal. I'm very excited, and after a few days of adjusting my diet and toying with IF, I feel pretty great!

    Unfortunately, the food I have been able to obtain is not organic/raw/farm fresh/etc. - in my area (Pittsburgh), most of these items, especially meat and eggs, can cost 2-4 times as much (18 large eggs for $1.10 vs. 12 farm fresh eggs for $4).

    This is very problematic, as I am pretty poor (make about $1000 a month working full time, most goes to pay off bills/rent/student loans) and have a difficult enough time buying "standard" grocery fare.

    Does anyone know of anywhere in Pittsburgh or nearby that has more affordable Primal-friendly foods? I've tried just about everywhere, though I have yet to go to Trader Joes - I'm running under the assumption that it's similarly priced to Whole Foods.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Do give Trader Joe's a try, it's WAY cheaper than Whole Foods. I used to get my meat and chicken from an Amish farmer at the City Farmer's Market, but now that it is winter, I'm trying to make do with whatever I find in Trader Joe's and Strip District (mostly wild fish).

    Also, during warm weather, Firehouse at Strip Dt hosts the only all-organic farmer's market in town. Unfortunately, I learnt about it only towards the end of the season and didn't get a chance to stock up on meat.