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  • Primal Frosty

    Hey I've been making this shake and it tastes almost like a frosty but not as sweet... more of a pure chocolate tastes but still really nice and rich like a frosty. If you added some kind of sweetener it would be exactly the same but I think it's really good without it.

    Heres the ingredients:

    1 cup of light coconut milk

    1 tablespoon of coconut oil

    2.5 tablespoons of raw cacao powder

    lots of ice, 1.5 cups or so

    a bit of vanilla extract

    vanilla whey or egg protein powder (i used egg)

    Blend it and there you have it. I think the raw cacao powder adds the intensity of the chocolate flavor so if you can, get the raw stuff.

    It's about 450 calories depending on the brand of protein powder and coconut milk you use (some light brands are 35% to 50% less than whole coconut milk). So it's probably not good if your trying to loose but it's great as an on the go breakfast or something.

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    why do you use the light coconut milk instead of the full fat one?

    will try it but will use the full fat version

    sounds yummy..oxo Darlene


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      I used light because I bought it at Trader Joe's and thats all they had. I do love regular... but it might be a bit too much for the shake. It would be perfect for ice cream though! The light has more of a whole milk consistency rather than a heavy cream like regular coconut milk. When I get my hands on the full fat I will definitely try it. Let me know how it is!


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        I wonder what the carbs for this is?

        I love chocolate smoothies


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          Billman89, it depends on the coconut milk brand you buy, too. I find that the ones that tout 'full fat' tend to have a 'thickener' in it, such as guar gum, etc.

          I make my own and when it stores, the oil sits at top, the 'cream' below that, then the 'pulp' below that and then the rest is water, so I shake the container before utilizing my coconut milk.

          Anyway, I used to buy the canned 'Thai Kitchen' coconut milk and found it to be very thick, whereas another brand that did not use gums or thickeners had a very basic 'milk' consistency.


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            Yeah I like Thai Kitchen. When I go to Mother's Market occassionally for the specialty stuff I can't get at Trader's I grab some Thai Kitchen cooconut milk. There was another brand that was good but I forget it now.

            Primalgoddess, the carbs for this shake are probably about 10, with 4 of them from fiber from the raw cacao. The egg protein I use has only 1 carb, and the raw cacao ha 9 carbs, with 4 fiber and 2 sugars.

            Fat is around 30 grams, protein 23.