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Almond Joy Anyone? (Recipe)

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  • Almond Joy Anyone? (Recipe)

    ok I experimented with a recipe tonight and it tasted like an almond Joy! even my non-primal hubby thought so! here is what I did

    Primal Almond Joy

    1 scoop chocolate protien powder

    2 tb coconut oil

    2 pkts xylitol

    1 tsp almond butter

    1/2 cup unsweetened flaked coconut(I used Bob's Red Mill brand)

    and (guestimating) about 1/4 cup coconut milk

    you want it on the (just moist side but not runny) just until it can form a big ball.

    mix all in a bowl and eat! very very filling!

    this would probally make a great quickie breakfast too when you get tired of bacon and eggs

    I think at Christmas I will roll these in tiny balls and put on wax paper and freeze then drizzle melted dark chocolate over them for a Primal holiday treat!

    xoxo Darlene

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    PG, this will be my bf for tomorrow! (Ive overdosed on eggs this week).

    Thanks for the recipe!


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      me too I was looking for something quick to eat and be filling and not eggs lol ..I love eggs but need to take a wee break from them! Let me know how you like it iceskater! xox Darlene


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        These turned out great! Mmmmm-it was the perfect way to finish off my supply of coconut. I wish my primal 'experiments' turned out as well as yours.

        Im not familiar with using xylitol-is it similar to stevia? I used that instead.

        Thanks again!


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          thank you ..glad you liked it! I figured it tonight(with my protien Powder) about 4 1/2 carbs for the whole thing! Stevia is fine but I can't take it, tastes like black licorce to me...xylitol is made from bark as I understand it but that is my drug ..ahem.. I mean sweetner of choice lol xoox Darlene


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            a quick word about xylitol... it can be made from birch bark or corn. gotta check with each manufacturer/brand to see which one they use. KAL brand uses corn, at least as of a few months ago. We are corn sensitive and it was a problem for us, even tiny amounts.

            recipe looks yummy, though.


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              I gotta try this one.


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                let's see my brand is Xylo Sweet and I also use NOW brand. so I am not sure...............xoox Darlene

                P.S you don't have to use Xylitol you can use whatever sweetner turns you on...