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  • Burger recipes please!

    So I bought some minced beef yesterday, and I'm going to experiment a bit, but I'd like a few tips as I'm just getting to know my ingredients at the moment

    Quick question about the beef: Do you guys buy minced or get a proper cut and chop it up yourself. Generally speaking, I would be getting better quality meat if I buy a steak and do the chopping, right? If people just buy minced because it's easier I'll opt for the steak and the chopping. I think to myself.. What would Grok do?

    I made 3 burgers yesterday. Just chopped some onion and mixed it with the meat, squashed it down and put it in the oven at 190. For a first attempt it wasn't bad. The beef tasted nice, if a little dry, but the onions were maybe too large and kept falling off. I want it to stick together next time. I think I'll chop a bit of garlic and ginger into it as well.

    Anyway, please share all of your burger making tips. Anything from meat, heat, and the things you chop into it. Cheers!

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    I made some burgers the other day where I mixed some sour cream with dijon mustard and added some dill. I saved some of the mixture for a sauce and put the rest in the burgers. They were quite tasty but because the meat was so lean they didn't hold together well enough. I think I will add an egg the next time to get them to hold together better. I ate them for dinner with mashed rutabaga and am having the leftovers today.


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      The falling apart bit is why most recipes call for breadcrumbs

      I've tried a few things:

      Shredded zucchini and onion (tastes great, doesn't really help the falling apart)
      a tablespoon of almond flour/meal (helps the falling apart, and if you season the meat well, tastes great)
      both of the above plus adding bacon fat: PURE WIN I got delicious, juicy burgers, with tons of flavor and they stuck together! WOOT!

      Hope that helps


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        I always add an egg yolk to my meat mixture to keep it from falling apart. Helps them stay juicy, too. I also fry them in bacon fat rather than baking in the oven. I like them crispy on the outside but still a bit pink on the inside.


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          I mix some ground beef/pork with salt and pepper (a generous amount of pepper, that's how I like it), some crumbled feta, a few tbsp of pesto and an egg or two (depending on how much meat I'm using). Then I leave it sitting on the counter for an hour or two for everything to bind together nicely. (It won't go bad, don't worry.) Then I shape it into patties and fry it in some rendered bacon fat. Yum.


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            I agree with a little egg if you're having trouble keeping them together. Or, just get the fattier meat. I opt for 80/20 grass-fed (when it's on sale ) and haven't had a problem with any of my burgers. Along those lines, you could mix leaner beef and pork.

            Basically if you think of anything people do with meatloaf, you can do that with burgers. The ideas in this thread are great!
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              I agree that you need to make sure you're not choosing meat that's too lean. When it comes to burgers, I swear by the 80-20% fat ground beef, and it usually doesn't fall apart, nor is it too dry. Mixing in an egg can help. I like minced onion (minced fine so it cooks), salt & pepper, and sometimes a dry rub that's meant for steak like a Monreal steak seasoning (just check for sugar in it). If I have a good sharp cheddar on hand, I will mince up little pieces and mix that in too. Not a lot of it, but maybe a 1/3 to a 1/2 cup for 3 or four bugers.

              I buy my ground beef already ground, but I have a good local source that I trust, and it's generally a pretty decent price. Also, I like my hamburgers a little pink on the inside, but I only eat them this way when I know where the beef has come from. If I'm getting a burger in a restaurant, I request no pink.


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                Thanks for the great feedback. I've got a few ideas now, and I'll be trying them out very soon. I'll post back on the results, probably in a day or two. I like making burgers already


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                  Chef Hubert Keller has a fun burger making video located here

                  I too have an issue with the burger staying together and will try fattier cuts of meat. A meat grinder can really be helpful I have heard but have not had the chance to pick one up yet.

                  Keller uses a bun for his burger but just ignore that part Also ignore the canola oil part - bacon fat all the way - woot woot
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                    Grilled portobello mushrooms make great buns for burgers.


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                      Originally posted by mm84321 View Post
                      Grilled portobello mushrooms make great buns for burgers.
                      but taste like yuck.

                      we just eat our burgers without buns. it doesn't harm us in the least.

                      ok, i make a lot of different minces, but here's the deal: you can use any spice blend you want and it tastes good. think of it this way -- if it was a steak, and you were to marinade it, what would you use?

                      so, that's the deal. here are some of my favorite mixes (and, i always blend in an egg, which keeps everything together):

                      1. mexican-ish: mexican spice blend plus onions and peppers plus cheese if i have it on hand (and want that). always served with avocado on top, sometimes with mole sauce.

                      2. mustard is my bestie: i seriously put mustard on everything. whole grain mustard goes with everything, even doughnuts as far as i am concerned. so, try a bit of mustard, shallot, and fresh rosemary, perhaps a smidge of balsamic vinegar, and some fresh cracked pepper. very nice.

                      3. indian spices, don't forget about them. very good. cool it with some yogurt if you need to.

                      4. mint, apricots (dried, chopped), and the white part of a leek, made for a really delicate flavor. goes best with a milder flavored meat than beef usually, like lamb or even minced chicken or turkey. either way, though, it goes nicely.

                      6. italian style: garlic, onion, oregano, sun dried tomatoes, olives, a bit of grated parm -- good stuff.

                      go wild and crazy, just experiment. have fun. you really can't go too wrong, and even if you do, choke it down anyway, and scrap it from the list.

                      i also buy 'cheap' meats like mince because it is higher in fat and such. it's good for you.


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                        Originally posted by zoebird View Post
                        but taste like yuck.

                        we just eat our burgers without buns. it doesn't harm us in the least.

                        I dunno, its always worked well for me!

                        I am in agreement with your mustard recommendation. Just had a burger last week with some caramelized shallots, manchego cheese, and stone ground mustard. Very good stuff.


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                          For a bunless option, just make the patties thinner and bigger and eat them Serbian style with veggies and fixins on the side:
                          (12-inch diameter not obligatory)


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                            Originally posted by unchatenfrance View Post
                            For a bunless option, just make the patties thinner and bigger and eat them Serbian style with veggies and fixins on the side:
                            (12-inch diameter not obligatory)

                            But that 12-inch diameter on the plate looks awesome!! I wonder how they make you have a recipe?


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                              That burger video was amazing! That patty looks so good. I'm posting that on my Facebook now.
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