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Low sugar coconut chocolate truffles

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  • Low sugar coconut chocolate truffles

    Basic recipe:

    Melt equal weights of coconut oil and 70% chocolate over hot water or in a microwave. Stir to mix well. Pour or ladle into candy cups, ice cube tray or pie plate. Chill in freezer or fridge 'til solid. Store refrigerated. Can be brought to room temperature before serving.


    Mint -- After mixing, let stand 'til somewhat cooler but still liquid. Add drops of food grade mint essential oil to taste.

    Additions -- Drop shaved coconut and/or nuts and/or dried fruit into your candy cups or other containers before filling.

    Because these are so high in coconut oil, it is difficult to mix non-oil liquids into these. If you want to add a water or alcohol based flavor, I would flavor shredded coconut with it, then make the coconut an addition. So, to add a coffee flavor, toss shredded coconut with a small amount of instant coffee dissolved in hot water, or Kaluha. Drain off any excess liquid. Let sit, covered, in fridge overnight. Use as an addition.