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Best primal shake ever!

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  • Best primal shake ever!

    My hubby & I have been experimenting w/ new primal recipies last few weeks. Thought I'd share our latest primal protein shake. It's possibly the most delicious shake we've ever had:

    8 oz raw pasture-fed whole milk (yummy!)

    1 scoop choc protein powder (whatever you use)

    1 tablespoon coconut oil

    1/2 cup frozen berries


    mix and enjoy the bliss....

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    sounds good.

    I like

    1 scoop of whey vanilla or you could do chocolate

    1 banana

    1 tpsb of peanut butter

    add ice

    fill with milk or water i like milk

    blend drink good


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      Oooh, watch it with the peanut butter around here, that'll throw everyone into a fit!


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        Aww, I don't think peanut butter is so catastrophic! My father gave me the no sugar added, omega-3 enriched "Smart balance" type. I figured that was mildly primal.

        On another note, I used to stuff my blender full of spinach. Can't taste it once it's mixed with your fruit and milk, although my nutrition professor warned me that you can't absorb the vitamins and minerals unless the stuff is cooked. Thoughts?

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          Yeah, they'll have a fit over peanut butter but condone pot. Go figure. :P

          I like chocolate whey with berries, and I like chocolate with nut butter... not sure about chocolate, berries AND nut butter. Gonna have to give it a try though. Sounds really rich and decadent.


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            Opps sorry you can use almond butter instead of PB, I do that about half time.

            Is that Ok?


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              Primal recipies?

              raw pasture-fed whole milk

              choc protein powder

              coconut oil

              frozen berries


              whey vanilla or you could do chocolate


              peanut butter


              milk or water

              ..well Grok may have access to some berries or a banana (and water), but the rest?

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                i put spinach in my protein shakes all the time. I would be interested in hearing what people think.

                I agree, you can't taste it really much at all.



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                  For the purist primal types, milk is not primal. Raw or otherwise.

                  Not saying you shouldn't do what you want, but it's def not primal. Nor protein powders, for that matter, although Mark doesn't have an issue with whey based ones, I think. Definitely no soy!


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                    I tried this last weekend:

                    1 bar Lindt Excellence 90% Cacao

                    1 can (400 mL) coconut milk

                    1 tbsp coconut oil

                    Well over 100 grams of fat right there, and probably nudging close to 40 g of carbs. I think if you make it with anything less than 90% cacao, it defeats the purpose. I would try it with 99% if I could find any around here. Strangely the 90% Lindt seems to have fewer carbs than 100% baker's chocolate. Anyways, I wonder if it would be best to use unsweetened cocoa powder.

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                      I have put spinach pineapple and mango together in a smoothie and all i taste in the pineapple.


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                        Fave smoothie at our breakfast table:

                        1 avocado

                        1 banana

                        1 tbsp almond butter

                        Milk / water

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                          Cheers for all the other ideas, folks! We now have new recipies to try.

                          Yeah...I realize milk is not purist primal, and protein powder not either. Probably should have re-named the title

                          But, I have to admit the raw milk with the coconut oil is something magical (in taste).

                          I'm gonna try some shakes with bigger quantities of coconut milk.


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                            Nina, I'm with you on the raw milk - it is incredible. I'll never willingly buy grocery store milk again. I can't even compare it to grocery milk. No it isn't primal, but it's closer than a beer is, so that's my vice. I don't drink much though, what with 11-12g of carbs per 8/oz. Still, you get 5 of the 8 grams of fat as saturated - nothing wrong with that.


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                              80/20 Rule guys - milk falls under that .... so yes, you can still call this primal! It's not a "pure" thing, but that's why this is primal and not paleo.

                              So keep the name, only sticklers like OTB will complain about it.

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