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Is pork liver any good?

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  • Is pork liver any good?

    I've had chicken and beef liver, but never pork. It seems the only liver my meat CSA ever has is pork. How is it? Any good? Does it need to be cooked differently than, say, beef liver?

    Also, any recipe ideas would be much appreciated!

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    Do you like liverwurst? That's basically pork liver and fat...which is basically pate with pork instead of duck
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      I've never had pork liver, but I do get grassfed beef liver. I never really liked it, just ate it becuase its so good you you... But last night I cam up with the perfect recepe. Cook a pound of bacon. Gently cook the liver in teh bacon grease. After turning the liver, sprinkle it with chili powder. It was delecious! I even sprinkled some with cayenne pepper and they were pretty good to. I'll always use chili powder from now on.


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        It is fine. Cook like any other liver. If the taste is too strong for you, you can soak it for 2 hours in a solution of bicarbonate of soda. Rinse, dry and use as normal.

        Makes FAB pate....


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          I know this thread is old, but i just found out pork liver is VERY cheap and easy to prepare! ++
          So i post a recipe:

          Make your own leverworst paste which you can spread on a slice of cucumber, fill tomatoes or (purple) potatoes. This is how i did it.

          - Soak whatever amount of livers you have in a bowl of milk for approximately 10 minutes. If you don't have milk in the fridge, use water. THIS IS FOR TASTE PURPOSE ONLY! Forget this step if the livers are already blood-free or you don't mind the taste
          - Get the livers out and bake them in a pan you just melted some butter in . Bake for a few minutes on either sides and get them out, let them rest in a large bowl.
          - Now fry onions, peppers and spinach for a short period of time, add garlic if you want, but be delicate about it
          - Add it to the bowl and BLEND
          You know have a paste that you can fill any veggie available with or use as a side dish to cauliflower, jums (you can also serve this with toast if you have non-primal visitors).

          --- Pork liver is famous for its cholestoral, the research i found only mentions portions over 200 grams per day.. which is very unlikely to happen. So i think we shouldn't worry about it! Its very nutritious so don't overdo---


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            I found some liverwurst at Whole Foods--natural ingredients, from pigs given no antibiotics. Not as good as pasture raised pigs, but it seemed like the easy way to eat liver. However, I notice that Mark recommends liver from ruminants (cows and sheep). Is there a nutritional difference?
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              ^^ Pamsc, the nutritional difference is, as far as i know (and i am not a nutritional expert!!) that pork liver is higher in fat (certain fats) and higher in vitamine A. Vitamine A is bad if you overdo it and the higher fat in the liver of pigs also means that copper levels (and possible toxics or even antiobiotics when source unknown) can be (too) high.

              As long as you enjoy it in smaller quantities/ not everyday i guess you cannot go wrong. Copper and vitamin A are both necessary for good functioning, yet both are toxic when overdone (especially for pregnant women) as human's system cannot just fecat/pee the excess out like vitamin C rapidly. I think this is the reason Mark does caution the intake of pork's liver, correct me if i am wrong!!

              ETA: sorry for my English


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                Anyways, the recipe was not meant for a weekly indulge, more for a montly one (and to up my iron levels for blood donation)


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                  Pork liver is pretty good! It can be fried up with the cracklin/chicharron.