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Best "Cheat" Post Workout Meal

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  • Best "Cheat" Post Workout Meal

    Hey hey everyone,

    Thought I'd just share this, cause it was sooo goood

    My wife made some grass fed ice cream the other night.


    It has glucose sweetener and raw cacao for the chocolate.

    Overall, really good fats, omega-3 enhanced eggs, good chocolate, pecans, good sweetener, but a little high on the carbs.

    But that's why it's a "Post workout meal." (Replenishes your glycogen stores

    Oh and we had some red wine too... can't forget the anti-oxidants!

    How to make it?

    Basically just replace a normal "tin roof" ice cream recipe an instead of:

    -Normal eggs, use omega-3 eggs

    -Normal sugar, use glucose sugar

    -Normal chocolate powder, use raw cacao powder

    -Normal milk/cream, use grass fed milk/cream

    -Instead of peanuts, use walnuts, or pecans, etc.

    If you can get your hands on the ingredients, and handle the carbs, it's pretty awesome!

    Here's the pic again:

    Have fun!


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    My favorite PWO cheat is a nice craft beer. Probably not a good recovery idea, and I don't do it very often, but man is it tasty.